5 Roi App: Earn Commission of 50% on Friends | Refer and Earn

5 Roi Refer and Earn: In this post, I will introduce a new crypto platform named 5 Roi.

Register on 5 Roi with unique details and ready to grab the below advantages:

  • 50% commission of friends.
  • Free Demat account.
  • Earnings Transferable to a bank account.
  • And more advantages.


I have used this 5 Roi platform to trade cryptocurrencies.

Have you ever invested money in cryptocurrencies or want to start trading?

Then jump down and join 5 Roi refer and earn program!

5 Roi is an online trading platform where users can trade cryptocurrencies. It has various crypto currencies available to trade like Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ripple, Ether, Dogecoin, and many more.

5 currencies

Furthermore, it provides the real-time data of all cryptocurrencies so that users can buy or sell currencies at a reasonable amount. It gives various indicators to check the data of currencies.

Apart from that, 5 Roi also runs a refer and earn program, so you can earn as much as possible.

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Are you excited to do trading on a new 5 Roi platform? If yes.

Then know about the steps to join the 5 Roi.

5 roi refer and earn

5 Roi Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get 50% Commission of Friends Trade Fee | Referral Code

1) The users will get a free Demat account when they sign up on the 5 Roi platform for the first time.

2) When the referee signs up on 5 Roi using the referral code and completes the transaction for trading, the referrer will get a 50% commission of the transaction fee.

3) This referral program is available only for those members whose age is more than 18.

4) Do not make fake accounts on 5 Roi because if you are caught, then they will terminate your account.

5) 5 Roi reserves the right to change the referral program and related offers at any time.

5 Roi Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn App5 Roi
5 Roi Referral codeqgQpqt
App Link5 Roi
Sign up BonusFree Demat Account
Referral Bonus50% Commission

How to Open Demat Account on 5 Roi:

1) Firstly, go to the 5 Roi website from the given link or install its app.

2) Secondly, tap on the signup option and make a new Demat account with valid details.

3) Now, enter the email address, password, confirm password, verification code, referral code, and agree on terms.

4) Use this 5 Roi referral or invite code: qgQpqt (must use it)

5 Roi code

5) Then submit your information to the 5 Roi team members, and you will be logged in successfully.

6) Now, tap on the spot button from the header section to see various cryptocurrencies.

7) Most of the cryptocurrencies are available with real-time data > now, go to the balance option and check your wallet.

8) Then, scroll down and select the currencies to deposit your money into your wallet from a bank account.

9) When you fill your wallet with money, then purchase the cryptocurrency at market price.

10) If you think it should be sold, then do it right now > your margin will add to your 5 Roi wallet.

How to Share the 5 Roi Refer and Earn:

1) Open the 5 Roi account only with your existing login account on your smartphone or browser.

2) Then, tap on the invite friends option from the menu bar.

5 Roi invite

3) Now, scroll down the page, and you will get both the referral code and 5 Roi referral link.

4) Next, tap on the code option to copy your unique code and send it to your friend’s social channels.

5) When they trade and complete transactions, you will earn a commission.


I hope you understood all about this 5 Roi platform.

Which currency will your buy 1st time from 5 Roi platform?

Write your cryptocurrency name in the suggestion box and click on free recharge offers for more posts.

5 Roi Refer and Earn FAQs:

What is 5 Roi?

5 Roi is a trading platform where it allows the users to trade.

Does 5 Roi provides rewards?

5 Roi is offering a reward under the referral program.

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