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Airtel 10GB Offer: Get Airtel Free 10GB Data Number

Airtel 10GB Offer: In this offer post, I am going to tell you about Airtel 10GB free data offer.

After using the below given Airtel offer, you will get below benefits:

  • Airtel Free 10GB Data
  • Airtel Free 10GB Data number
  • Code for Airtel Free 10gb Data
  • And much more.

So let me tell you everything about this offer,

Recently Airtel Announced 5Gb Data Offer which is still working for prepaid users.

But now again the telecom giant Airtel is back with another offer,

This offer is named as Airtel 10GB offer.

And it is valid for prepaid users in which users will get 10GB Free data by just dialing a number which is mentioned below.

This offer is valid only for Airtel prepaid customers, for all 2G / 3G / 4G internet users.

Also, it is valid in all states of India.

But, I found out that this offer is not working in a few states of India for Airtel customers who are living in below given states.

Also check:

Those, few states are Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Sikkim.

Airtel 10GB Data Offer

Airtel 10GB Offer Details:

If you are living in the above-mentioned states then please don’t disappoint with your telecom operator Airtel.

At least, Give this offer a try,

As I always say with my all readers that don’t leave things without trying them.

If you don’t try this offer and probably, this offer worked for your friend then you will be angry with yourself.

What do you think, which is the best telecom operator in India?

In my opinion, Jio is nowadays better than Airtel.

But Airtel, Vodafone, Idea are the only telecom company which is providing free internet to their subscribers.

However, if we talk about Jio then it is the only company that is proving data at very cheap rates.

Cheaper than Idea, cheaper than Vodafone but not yet cheaper than BSNL.

Coming back to the topic,

How to avail Airtel 10GB offer?

How to get 10 GB free Airtel internet data?

Follow the below-given procedure to know more about this Airtel 10GB offer and avail this offer by just calling on the below-mentioned number.

Get 10GB Free Data on Airtel Number:

1) This Airtel 10GB Free Data offer is valid for a limited time period

2) Users have to dial a number from their smartphone which is given below

3) This Airtel 10GB Free data offer or Airtel 10GB offer is valid only in selected states of India.

4) Some users who have already availed of this offer may not be applicable to this offer.

5) This offer is valid more than one time for users.

6) Offer is valid only for Airtel Prepaid Customers.

7) Offer is valid only for Airtel Postpaid Customers.

8) Users can call for any kind of support on the Airtel customer care number.

9) Airtel customer care number is mentioned on the Airtel website.

10) For any other kind of assistance, Airtel Prepaid customer is free to download the Airtel app from below.

How To Avail Airtel 10GB Free Data:

1) First of all turn on your smartphone and Dial 5999555 Airtel free 10GB data number from your Airtel mobile number.

2) Now click on the Green call button, now call will be connected within a moment.

3) Then you will hear a ring, then the call will be automatically disconnected.

4) Then you will receive a confirmation message on your Airtel number within a few minutes

“Congratulations, you have received 10 GB data for 10 days”. “Dial *121*51# to check your Airtel 10GB free data internet balance and 5999555 to activate Airtel free 10 GB data once again”.

Airtel 10GB Free

5) Now If you are not eligible for this offer then you will get SMS something like below.

“Dear Customer, this offer is currently not available for you. To know your Best recharges and Special offers, dial *121*51#”

More Steps to Follow:

6) Now you need to dial this Airtel internet offer code *121*51#  or USSD code from your Airtel number to check the data balance

7) Now a popup will appear, follow the steps which are given in that pop-up.

8) Now after following a few simple steps your Airtel 10GB free data 4g internet balance will appear in the pop-up on your mobile or smartphone screen.

9) Then enjoy your Airtel 10GB free data offer for 10 days.

10) Now If you didn’t get the Airtel 10GB free data internet balance then you need to call Airtel customer support for further queries.

As I mentioned earlier, this offer is valid for Airtel Prepaid SIM users only and this offer is applicable to only 4G Handset with 4G service enabled.

So if you don’t have an Airtel prepaid sim card then this offer might not work for you.

But you can search for Airtel prepaid customer offer in the search box of this site.

How to Contact Airtel Customer Care:

If you have any problem with this Airtel 10GB offer, then you have two options.

The first option is you can comment below if you have any query regarding this offer,

The second option is you have to consult your problem with Airtel customer care.

But the problem is, their customer support doesn’t reply if you email them right?

I have a solution for you.

The solution is you have to call Airtel customer support,

For any kind of problem that you are facing with this offer,

I have mentioned a few simple steps for you which will definitely help you to call customer support.

Steps to Follow:

1) First of all download the My Airtel App from the Offer page

2) After installing my Airtel app download and install this app in you any android smartphone.

3) Then do Login In my Airtel App with your postpaid mobile number,

4) You can also register or create a new account if you are installing my airtel app for the first time or using my Airtel app for the first time on your Android / IOS smartphone.

5) Now verify your mobile number with a one-time password.

More Steps to follow:

6) After that verify your number on the My Airtel app, you have to go to the profile section.

7) Now enter your first name, last name, and other details like, etc.

8) Also you can ignore the 7th step if you have already done this.

9) Then, go in the menu section and click on the customer care tab,

10) Now this tab may be renamed as a customer or support.

11) Now copy the customer care number from the tab and call them.

12) Then you can also chat with customer care in the Airtel app,

13) Now you can choose any option whichever you like the most.


So follow the above terms to Get Airtel 10GB offer or Airtel 10GB free data on your Airtel mobile number.

I additions, did you get 10GB data in your Airtel Sim? shoot your comment below!!

Also, Don’t forget to check some free recharge offers, Free Paytm cash to earn some money, and Airtel free data for some free internet.

Airtel 10GB Free Offer FAQ:

How to Get 10GB data on Airtel?

You will Get 10GB Airtel free internet data by just calling on a 7 digit number, I mentioned that number in this article.

How to check Airtel 10gb data balance?

You can check your Airtel 10GB free data balance using a USSD code which is *124#.

How to Get 5GB 4G data free on Airtel?

To avail Airtel free 10GB data offer, you have to download the Airtel thanks app from Google Play Store.

How to get free data on Airtel?

There are two offers from Airtel, In the first offer, you will get 5GB free data and in the second offer, you will get 10GB free data.

How to take loan in Airtel of Rs 10?

For Rs 10 loan you have to dial *141*10# USSD from your android smartphone

How to recharge Airtel 10 rs card?

For recharging with Airtel Rs 10 card you have to dial *101*Airtel card or recharge voucher number #

How to use 10GB Wifi pack in Airtel?

Visit your nearest railway station and then open your WIFI to connect with Airtel WIFI. The Wifi pack in Airtel only works for you if the Airtel WIFI facility is available in your city.

How to claim 10gb data on Airtel?

Readout the complete steps given in this post.

How to get free data on Airtel app?

You will get all the Airtel data offers in the Airtel app, Most of the time Airtel shows the free data offer banner on their app. Also if you are a new Airtel user then register a new Airtel mobile number. and then you will surely get 5GB of data.

How Can I Check Airtel data balance?

To check Airtel data balance dial *124# and then follow the option given in the menu.

How Can I Check Airtel Main balance?

To check the Airtel data balance dial a USSD code *123#, you can also recharge your number after dialing this code.

How to check Airtel broadband Data Balance?

To check Airtel Broadband Data balance, search for Airtel smart bytes on this Earnignkart site and there you will get all the steps under one roof. This is also the answer to how to check the remaining data in airtel broadband, how to check data usage in airtel broadband, how much data left in airtel broadband, how to check data balance in airtel broadband, queries.

How to share data on Airtel?

If you want to share the data balance with your friends and family then search the Airtel family share article on this site. On this site, you will get all the steps about that. This is also the answer to how to share data in airtel query.

How to check data balance in Airtel 4G Hotspot?

Firstly insert the sim card from 4G hotspot to your mobile and then dial *123*10# or *123*11# USSD code, then you will be able to check the balance.

How to check data usage in Airtel Postpaid SIM?

Dial USSD code to check data usage in Airtel Postpaid *124#. This is also the answer to how much data left in airtel broadband query.

How to check how much data is left in Airtel?

It is the same as other methods for checking how much data is left in your Airtel SIM card.

How to know data balance in Airtel?

My Answer is still same for this query, dial the same number *124# number to check Airtel data balance

How to get unlimited data in Airtel?

Use this Airtel 10GB free number, again and again, every month and get unlimited data in Airtel.

How do i check my Airtel data balance?

Dial the *124# USSD number.

how to check Airtel 3g prepaid data usage balance?

Download My Airtel app and look in the data section to check your remaining data balance.

How to transfer data in Airtel?

Read Airtel family share article which is already published on this site.

How to check Airtel data balance online?

Goto and sign in with your number and then verify the number with a one-time password to check the data balance online.

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    • Sali bkvas kampani mere bhi ru lute gaye ha 10 Gb data ke name par
      I hate airtel

      • I Too hate airtel but, it is the largest telecom operator in India, I hope that you get Airtel 10GB free data in your airtel sim, if you didn’t got Airtel 10GB data then tell me how can I help you?

        • I didn’t get it….

        • Avatar
          Abhishek Gupta March 25, 2020 at 9:27 am

          Hi Akhil,

          Have you used this Airtel 10Gb free offer earlier?

          If your answer is yes, then when you used this offer?

          Please let me know.

        • used to get it before now it just says the no. that you are trying to call doesn’t exist

        • Ohh, Actually Airtel 10GB free data is valid once per month, so if you had used this offer earlier this month then try again this offer next month again and it will be valid again!!

    • You have to dial the number which is mentioned above, then you will be able to grab 10 GB free data on yourAirtel number. This offer is valid once per user per month.

      • I didn’t get this month… whenever I’m trying to call there is showing call ended. .

        • It is saying that the call cannot be connected

        • Avatar
          Abhishek Gupta March 4, 2020 at 11:04 am

          Hi Raghav,

          You might have already crossed the limit to avail Airtel 10GB free data,

          I request you to at least wait for a few days,

          After a few days dial this number from your Airtel sim card again and then you will definitely get 10GB free data in your Airtel SIM card.

          Reply to this comment again if you face any problem in availing the Airtel 10GB free data.

        • Yes, you are right your call will never connect after 2-3 rings it will automatically disconnect. But once the call gets disconnect you will receive an SMS from Airtel that you are eligible for this offer or not. If you get SMS like that you are not eligible for Airtel 10 GB data then try next month again.

          As I mentioned in the above Airtel 10gb free data post that you are eligible every month for 10gb free data. So try this offer every month.

  1. I am not get the 10 gb

    • Hi Anbu,

      You will not get Airtel 10GB free data every time, you will get 10 GB free data once in a Month.

      So if you have already used Airtel 10GB free data earlier this month then you will not get 10 GB data again this month.

      It will be much better if you use this Airtel 10GB offer next month.

      However, I have already published an Airtel free internet data article on this site.

      If you have not checked it yet, then I recommend you to check it for the reason that I have covered every method through which you can grab Airtel data for free.

      I also published a handy guide on other operator’s free data offers like Jio, Vodafone, Idea, so if you are using any of these operators as your secondary operator then do check those guides.

      Reply to this comment if you have any other questions in your mind.

      I am here to reply to your all queries and comment.

      • Chal kuch nahi miley bejar hai airtel

        • Avatar
          Abhishek Gupta March 22, 2020 at 4:38 pm

          Hi Prashant,

          You might have already used this Airtel 10gb free offer number,

          If you have used it earlier then it will not work for you again within a single month,

          I hope you got what I want to say.

  2. Please send me some trick to get free internet
    I have already use
    2.52122 thanks
    So I need some more trick

    • Hi Victor,

      it’s sound good that you have already used Airtel 10GB free offer and Airtel 30GB GB offer by dialing the number,

      I also wanted you to check the Airtel free internet offer,

      When you check the above link then you will get some more number to grab Airtel free internet.

      I hope the above-given link will help you to grab some more data.

  3. Chal kuch nahi miley bejar hai airtel

  4. Mine is saying that the number you are trying to call doesn’t exist

    • Maybe you have reached the limit for free Airtel 10GB data! try the Airtel 5GB data offer. Search 5GB on this site for more details!

  5. It is a super fake trick

    • Right now! it is not working. As of now, Airtel is not offering any 10GB free data offer.

      Please do bookmark this site for future updates!

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