Airtel Call History: How to Get Airtel Call History Online

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Airtel Call History: In this article, I am going to tell you a step-by-step procedure to find a call history of any Airtel prepaid/postpaid mobile number.

After reading this article you will know:

  • How to Get Airtel call history.
  • How to Get a call history of Airtel Prepaid number.
  • Call history of Airtel Postpaid number.
  • And much more.

Do you want to know your Airtel number call history?

Then let me tell you how you can find it for free.

Before getting into the step-by-step procedure, I want to ask you some basic questions,

Do you want your Airtel number call history or anyone else number call history? and Why do you need Airtel number call history?

You can drop your answers in the comment section below, I am eagerly waiting for your comments.

Coming back to the point or topic,

Yes, you can find your Airtel mobile prepaid or postpaid number call history.

However, there are five methods to find Airtel number history. And all three methods are very easy.

By following the steps by step procedure you can find Up to 1-year call history of your mobile number.

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So what are those methods?

I have mentioned all the five methods in the below-given section, you can follow any of them to find call history.

Airtel Call History

How to Get Airtel Call History Online:

Method One: Get History Using SMS

1) First of all, insert your Airtel SIM card on your Smartphone.

2) Now turn on your smartphone and then open the SMS App.

3) If you already have Airtel SIM in your smartphone then skip the first step.

4) Now compose an SMS and type the below-given text in the SMS box.

5) Type EPREBILL <Month Name> <Your Email ID>.

6) Now send this SMS on Airtel helpline number 121.

7) You can send your SMS like this: EPREBILL August

8) Then you will get all the details of your Airtel mobile number on your Airtel registered Emil ID.

9) Open your Gmail app and check the recently received Airtel Email.

Method Two: Get History Using Website

1) First of all turn on your smartphone mobile data.

2) And then open your chrome browser and now Goto Airtel webiste.

3) If you are using your Laptop or desktop then turn on your mobile hotspot and connect your laptop Using Wifi.

4) After going to the Airtel website, you have to click on the login option on the top.

5) Now login on the Airtel webiste using your email ID or using your mobile number.

6) After entering your mobile number, verify the one-time password on the Airtel site.

7) Now Goto the account details from the menu section and then click on the View-bill option.

8) The view-bill option is located on the right side below the account number and the bill amount.

9) Now a new window will open on your screen, which contains all the call history organized by month and year.

10) Next to each month’s call history, you will get an option to download its PDF.

11) Click on the download button, to download each month’s call history including the call time.

Method Three: Get Airtel Call History Using App

1) First, of all download the My Airtel app from the Google Play store.

2) After downloading the app, open the app on your smartphone, and then login with your mobile number.

3) Make sure to verify the one time password to log in.

4) Then click on the menu section and the Goto the Account settings.

5) Then click on the call history option and then you will get your last 5 call history including all the time and date.

Method Four: Get History through Customer Care

1) First of all, open your smartphone and make sure that your Airtel Sim is on your Smartphone.

2) Now, open the dialer app in your smartphone and then type the below given mobile number.

3) Dial this number: 198 using your smartphone dial pad or keyboard.

4) Now you will get connected to the Airtel customer executive within a few seconds.

5) After that, Ask them for your mobile number call history.

6) The executive will send the details to your mobile number through the SMS or email.

Method Five: Get History Using USSD Code

1) Firstly, open your smartphone dialer and then dial the below-given number.

2) Dial this USSD code: *121# and then one pop-up will appear on your screen.

3) When the first pop-up appears on your screen then click on the “ok” option.

4) Now one more pop-up will appear on your screen.

5) In the second pop-up, you will get an option to check the last 5 calls.

6) Now press the assigned key, to check the last 5 calls.


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How to get call history of airtel mobile number| | Airtel Call History in hindi
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