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Airtel Family Share: How to Share Internet on Airtel?

Airtel Family Share: From how long you are using Airtel? From 1 year? or 2 years?

Great, in this article I am going to tell you about the Airtel family share feature or data share feature.

So let’s start!!

Most of you people might be using Airtel for almost 5 years, Right?

But I am using Airtel as my primary sim card for the last 15 years.

I know you people don’t believe in the numbers. Are you?

Moreover, I am using the Airtel data share or family share feature from the above mentioned years.

And my experience is great!

The best thing with Airtel is that you can share the Airtel data with your friends too.

The Airtel data sharing is not limited to the only Family.

You can also share it with your friends and with your relatives or neighbors.

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However, Airtel is offering this data-sharing service for a long time.

But many of the Airtel subscribe don’t know about it.

Why Does No one know About Airtel Share?

The reason is a lack of information. People don’t aware, that there is a service called Airtel data sharing or Airtel Family data share.

But I don’t blame only to people of India, there is an equal fault of the operator too.

At least Airtel has to inform their subscribers,

That they are also offering a service called airtel internet sharing on their network.

But they don’t, even Airtel has not listed this service on their website footer section.

Even their customer care executive doesn’t tell the people that there is a service called internet sharing on their network which they can use to share data.

There customer care executive is doing their easy 9 to 5 job without taking any trouble on the head.

Coming back to the main topic,

Airtel Family Share

What is Airtel Family Share?

Airtel Family share or data sharing feature one of the great features offered by Airtel among its other features.

With the help of this feature, you can share your Airtel Internet data with your friends and family members without any much efforts,

You can also share your data with your neighbors but the limitation of this feature is that you can only share Airtel Internet data on a single network.

Let say, you want to share your Airtel data with any of the other Airtel mobile numbers then you can do this.

But, if you want to transfer your Airtel data from one mobile number to another operator mobile number such as Jio, Idea, and Vodafone then you can not do that.

Why not?

For the reason that this Airtel data transfer feature is only limited to Airtel to Airtel customer.

And, even Airtel as an operator doesn’t allow their subscribers or customers to share their Airtel mobile number internet data with any other Indian telecom mobile operator like Jio, Idea, BSNL, and Vodafone.

Let’s understand this with an example of why Airtel doesn’t allow their subscribers to share their own unused data with another operator.

Let assume, you are a shopkeeper of a grocery store and there is another grocery store near your shop,

Now you will not tell your customers to go and shop at the other grocery store.

It is all about competition. You will never want the other shopkeeper will ever have more customers than yours.

I hope you understand the concept well, am I right?

So now let me tell you how you can transfer your Airtel data from one mobile number to another mobile number.

How to Share Internet on Airtel:

There are various methods through which you can share your data across the Airtel network.

In this article,

I am going to tell you about three of the most important methods through which you can transfer your Airtel internet from one mobile number to another mobile number.

Without much effort.

How to Transfer Data From Airtel to Airtel:

Method 1:

1) First of all, open your smartphone and then open the dialer app on your smartphone.

2) After opening the dialer app, you need to dial *129*101# USSD code

3) Once you enter this USSD code in your smartphone, then click on the call button.

4) After a few seconds, you will get an option to transfer you Airtel internet data from one mobile number to another mobile number.

5) You will get an option as “Share Airtel data” and a few more options.

6) You have to dial a number to share Airtel data > then enter another Airtel mobile number one in which you want to share your data.

7) Once you enter the other mobile number, you will get another option, follow the steps to transfer data from one mobile number to another Airtel mobile number.

Method 2:

1) First of all download My Airtel app from Offer Page

2) Now you will be redirected to Google Play store.

3) Once you redirect to the Google Play store, you will get an option to install the My Airtel app.

4) Then install the My Airtel app in your smartphone successfully, then open the app by tapping on the app icon.

5) Now you need to login to the My Airtel app, verify your mobile number with a one-time password, and loin the Airtel app.

6) Now click on the left menu icon and select the My Family share option.

7) From here you can add your family mobile number and then you can be able to transfer your internet data and Talktime balance both on Airtel.

8) You can also set the limitation of data usage on the other Family or friend account number.

9) You can also share another kind of benefit that is offered by the Airtel family on your mobile number or account number.

Method three:

1) First of all, open your smartphone and then open the SMS app on your smartphone.

2) Once you open the SMS app in your smartphone you need to compose an SMS.

3) Click on the compose SMS  and then type “Share” and then send this text on 121

4) The 121 number is a helpline number offered by Airtel for its customers.

5) Now wait a few seconds and you will receive an SMS from Airtel containing the below-given text.

6) You are already on My Airtel family share! Enjoy sharing your 3G internet pack with up to 4 members. To view your Family, SMS View to 121.

To add another member: SMS ADD<spack><10 digit Airtel mobile number> to 121.

Now to delete a member, SMS DEL<space><10 digits mobile number> to 121 or visit:

More Steps to Follow in Method 3:

7) Now if you want to view your family members which are already added on your Airtel account then type “View” and send it to 121 mobile number with Quotes.

8) If you want to add any family member or any friend then you have to send a different SMS type “ADD 999345**** (Your 10 digit mobile number)” and send it to 121.

9) But if you have already added a member in your Airtel account as a family or as a friend then you can still delete that member from your Airtel account to do that you need to send a different SMS from your Airtel mobile number type “DEL 999345**** (Your 10 digit mobile number)” and send it again to 121. Using this step you can delete any member from Airtel Family share.

10) After following step 7,8,9 you need to follow some steps which will appear on your screen in order to add, delete, view any member in your Airtel family share.

11) You can add another mobile number on which you want to use your data and then you can use internet data on the same.

How to Share Mobile Data in Airtel:

I have already added all the methods with the steps.

Ao now you need to follow all the steps which are mentioned above.

Then you will be able to leverage internet sharing in Airtel.

Is this a very detailed article of the Airtel Family share? right?

Don’t you think,

Why Airtel has never told you about this feature?

Which Airtel is offering for a long time.

Now don’t worry for the reason that I have already mentioned all the major information and all the steps to leverage out internet sharing on your Airtel mobile number.

But I know after reading all the above steps some questions and thoughts are appearing in your mind, right?

You are not alone,

Everyone who reads this article is going to drop a question in the comment section below.

That is the main reason I add an FAQ box at the end of every article.

I will also add an Airtel Family Share data FAQat the end of this article as well.

But I will give some answers to a few questions right now like.

How to share data in Airtel Prepaid?

You can use the above-mentioned method 2 and method 3 given in this article or given above

Using method 2 and method 3 you will be able to share your Airtel data on your Airtel Prepaid Sim card.

You don’t need to follow any other or any extra steps to share your internet data.

How to share data pack in Airtel?

To share the Airtel pack in your Airtel account, you need to add your family member to your account.

Once you add your family member on your account.

Then you share your data with them as well as you will be able to change or modify the limits.

How to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel?

To share 1GB data from Airtel to Airtel, add your another mobile number in your Airtel account or add your family member number, using the My Airtel app.

Then share your plan benefits like Airtel internet data and Airtel Talktime and other benefits from your account to another account.

How to share net balance in Airtel?

To share net balance in Airtel, you need to add your family member in your Airtel plan.

Then you can able to share the same.

What is the airtel data transfer USSD code?

I have already added the Airtel data transfer USSD code in method 1, step 2, from there copy the code and then paste it in your smartphone dialer.

You don’t need any other Airtel data transfer or any Airtel MB share USSD code.

I hope you understand whatever I told you in this Airtel Family share a definitive guide.

Do you know why I am calling this as a Guide?

For the reasons, I have described everything about the Airtel family share.

However, if you want some extra data for free to share with your family and friends then I have also written some offers about that.

Using these offers, you can be able to grab some free of cost data without paying anything to your Indian Airtel telecom operator.

In the first offer you will get 10GB Airtel data absolutely free and I the second data offer you will get 5GB of Airtel internet data for free.

Furthermore, I have also written one Guide the same as this Guide in which you will get all the Airtel free internet data offers which are offered by Airtel till now.

I hope you definitely like that Guide.

And whatever I told you at the starting of this Airtel Family share Article I did the same.

In the end, I request you to share this article with all your friends and family members.

So they can also be able to share their Airtel internet data using this Airtel Family share definitive Guide.

Also, I suggest you check some free recharge offers for some discount on your next recharge or DTH bill payment.

Airtel Family Share FAQ:

How to add family member in Airtel?

To add a family member in your Airtel account, you need to send an SMS by typing ADD to 121.

How to add Airtel Family?

You can add any member in your family from My Airtel app or simply by sending an SMS on 121 numbers.

How to remove Airtel family member?

To remove any members from your Airtel Family, send an SMS as DEL to 121, and your family member will be deleted from your Family list.

How to share Internet on Airtel

Sharing internet with your family and friends is really simple with Airtel, just follow all the steps given in this article and then you will clearly know how to share internet on Airtel.

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