Airtel Free Data: Get 6GB Free Data on Recharge

Airtel Free Data | Internet: In this post, I am going to tell you about some Airtel free internet data offers,

After reading this post you will get the below-given benefits including:

  • 1GB free data on the downloading app.
  • 2GB free data through USSD code.
  • 10GB data on Installing the Airtel music app.
  • And much more.

Do you want the internet data benefits on your 10 digit Airtel mobile number?

Let’s jump right into the Airtel free internet data offers.

Bharti Airtel is India’s largest telecom operator (commonly known as Airtel) has come up with some new free internet data offers for their 2G/3G/4G users.

However, the free data offers come with some validity and after the validity period, you can’t use the offers.

Furthermore, Most Airtel customers in India, don’t know that their operator is giving free data on their mobile number for nothing.

What Are Airtel Free Data Offers:

Internet data offer are a kind of promotional offers provided by the companies in order to increase the subscriber base.

Mostly, Bharti Airtel sends out emails and text messages to their customer’s mobile number to let them know that their telecom carrier operator is providing some benefits on their mobile number.

Last year Airtel offered their 5GB data offer which is still working if you have not checked it yet on earningkart then check Airtel 5Gb offer now.

Moreover, the other telecom operators such as Jio, Idea, Vodafone and a few other telecom operators don’t provide free data offers often to their customers.

However, they do provide cheaper data and voice plans than Airtel. But this is not good and this is also not in the favor of Reliance Jio, Vodafone, and Idea subscribers or customers.

Also, Bharti Airtel launched 4G internet services In India after the launch of Reliance Jio 4G data services.

But I still don’t think that Airtel internet data services are better than telecom operator Reliance Jio.

So what do you think?

Furthermore, these giant telecom operators should provide better data benefits and freebies services to their customers?

Nevertheless, Did you noticed that Airtel network coverage is very bad all over India?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Are you excited to know about the Airtel free internet data offers?

Then follow the below-given steps!

Airtel Free Internet Data

How to Get Airtel Free Internet?

There are different methods to grab free data on Airtel number. So before jumping right into the offers make sure to read the below given common question about Airtel data offers.

Is Airtel Free Internet offer is working for new and old customers? Well, the offers are working for all users but here is a twist.

According to me, it depends on your region in which state you are living.

Well, You might know that Airtel never releases their offers without terms and conditions.

So make sure to check the Airtel free internet offers and their terms and conditions.

Airtel Free Internet Offer Terms:

1. Get 6GB Free Data On Recharge:

1) Users will get a 6 coupons of free data voucher on every Airtel recharge.

2) Users have to recharge their mobile number with 2GB/day plan.

3) Customers will get 6 coupons of 1GB data each.

4) The coupon can be redeemed/claimed from the Airtel app.

5) The coupons will expire after 3-months or in 84 days from the date of recharge.

6) Plan amount is Rs 598/ Rs 698 to avail these offer.

How To Avail this Airtel Free Data Offer

1) First of all download my Airtel app from the Android market

2) My Airtel app will automatically install from the Google Play store within a few minutes.

3) Once the app gets installed on your smartphone > tap on the app icon in your Android smartphone.

4) Now enter your 10 digit Airtel mobile number.

5) Then verify your mobile number with a one-time password.

6) Now do a recharge with any 2GB/day plan and then you will get 6 coupons in the app.

7) Now open the Airtel app > click on the menu section and then tap on coupons.

8) Now claim your coupon of 1GB each and then you will get 1GB data for free.

9) That’s it!! You have successfully availed of this Airtel free internet data offer.

Old Airtel Free Internet Offers:

1. Get 2GB Data with Lays Chips Pack

1) This offer is valid from Aug 3, 2020, to Jan 31, 2021.

2) Get 2GB free data with Lay’s MRP Rs 20 pack.

Airtel 6GB free Data

3) Get 1GB, 2GB free data with Kurkure MRP Rs 10 and Rs 20 pack

4) Airtel 1GB, 2GB free data with Doritos MRP Rs 10 and Rs 20 pack.

5) Get 1GB, 2GB free data with Uncle Chips MRP Rs 10 and Rs 20 pack.

2. Get 10GB Net for 90 days

1) Open your dial pad on your smartphone.

2) Now enter this number 5999555

3) You can also click on the above number to copy the number.

4) Then call on the above-mentioned number.

5) After that, you will receive an SMS from Airtel.

6) That 10GB Free data has been credited to your Account.

7) Done, enjoy the Airtel free data offer.

8) You can use this offer every week or every month.

9) Note this Airtel free data offer is valid only for Airtel Prepaid 4G customers.

More Airtel Free Data Offers:

3. Get 60GB Net on Airtel Number

1) To grab 60GB free data compose a message and type SURPRISE”

2) Now send it to 121 number, after that, you will receive below given message.

3) 60GB free Airtel Internet data has been credited to your Airtel account.

4) Now use your free internet data.

5) This Airtel free data offer is not valid for the prepaid user, this offer is valid only for Airtel postpaid user.

4. Get 28GB Airtel Free Net

1) Before using this offer on your Airtel number let me tell you a few things.

2) This offer is account specific, meaning that it will only for a selected user account.

3) Also, this offer is valid in selected regions.

4) To avail of this offer, You need to give a missed call on this number 125346.

5) After that free 28GB Airtel internet data will credit to your Airtel account or number.

5. Get 10GB Airtel Free Internet

1) To grab this offer from Airtel you need to give a missed call from your Airtel Number.

2) So give a missed call 51111 number by your Airtel number.

3) Within a few seconds, you will receive an SMS from Airtel that 10GB Airtel free internet data will credit in your Account.

4) Remember: This offer is valid in selected cities or regions or stated.

5) Enjoy these Airtel free internet data offers!!

Other Airtel Free Data Offers:

6. Get 2GB Net on Airtel Number

1) The customer has to wait for at least 1 hour from the time of confirmation.

2) Offer is valid only for the Network “Airtel”.

3) As stated above this Offer is valid for selected states & Users only.

4) To avail of this offer, you must have a 4G LTE or Volte support handset.

5) Pick your phone in your hands and open its dialer.

6) After opening the dialer enters below given 5 Digits toll-free number.

7) The number is ‘52122’.

8) You can copy this number and paste it in Dialer.

9) Call on this number, This call will automatically be disconnected after two rings.

10) Within one hour you will receive a confirmation SMS that 2GB Airtel free internet data credited in your account.

11) Also Use this data by enabling 4G LTE or Volte mode in your handset lest you will lose your Airtel account main balance.

7. Get 5GB Net In Airtel SIM

1) The offer is valid on my Airtel app.

2) This offer is valid for Airtel’s new customer or who is download My Airtel app for the first time.

3) Data will automatically credit to the User account.

4) To redeem Upto 5GB Data user has to download other apps from my Airtel app.

8. Get 30GB Free Airtel Net

1) On opting Airtel Volte program user will get free data.

2) 5 Gb data will be credit in the user account until 6 months.

3) The offer is valid once per account per user.

4) Check out the above-given link to know more about this Offer.

For all the offers which are mentioned above: Airtel reserves the right to change or modify these offers at any given point in time.

So make sure that you read all the terms and conditions carefully before using any of the above-mentioned offers.

How to Check Airtel 4G Coverage:

Many peoples don’t know that he/she is using Airtel 4G services, so to know that you are on India widest network follow the below steps.

1) Firstly, go to Airtel from the Offer Page 

2) Scroll down and enter your Airtel mobile number.

3) After entering the Airtel mobile number click on ‘Check if I am 4G ready or not’.

4) Also you can also request a 4G Airtel sim card if you don’t have one yet.

5) Also, check that you are living in a 4G city or not.


Let me know which offer is not working for you.

Do you have any queries related to this Airtel offer then let us know your problems in the comment section below.

Share this Airtel free data offer with your mates or with your loved ones and also tell about these free recharge offers.

Airtel Free Internet Data FAQs:

How to Get Free Data in Airtel?

To get free data you need to follow the steps which are mentioned in this post, you will get up to 60GB free data using the method given in this post.

How to get Free 2G data on Airtel?

You will get 2G data if you are using a 2G handset, but if you are using a 4G handset then you will get 4G data using the method which is given in this post.

How to claim Airtel free data?

To claim Airtel free data you need to dial different numbers on your smartphone dialer. The number is given in this post so try all of them in your Airtel sim card.

How to use the free Internet in Airtel?

You can use free internet in Airtel, by just turning on your smartphone mobile data. there are no other additional steps required!

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