Airtel Loan Number: How to Take Rs 10 Loan in Airtel?

Airtel Loan Number: In this article, I am going to tell you about Airtel loan USSD code number,

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I hope you already know that Bharti Airtel is one of the largest telecom operators in India as well as a leading company in Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Kenya.

I know most of you don’t know that Airtel is also providing its services in other countries such as Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Kenya.

If you are from India then there are a higher percentage of chances that you don’t know about this, even when I first heard about it, then I get shocked!

I asked my friend, What shit you are telling me, and he told me to make a Google search for confirmation,

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Now let me tell you about the Airtel loan code numbers and a few other details about it!

Airtel Loan Number

Airtel Loan Numbers Details:

Loan service is an old service provided by every telecom operator in India,

It is correct that you can take advance Loan/Talktime on your Airtel mobile number.

But, also remember that Airtel will automatically deduct the balance from our mobile number once you successfully took the loan.

Airtel will not deduct the amount from your main balance instantly,

But the loan amount will deduct with additional charge after a few days or whenever you top-up your mobile number next time.

The additional charges would be around Rs 1 to Rs 5.

The charges amount depends on the loan amount, the higher loan you take from your Airtel mobile number then higher you will be charged.

Usually, the amount of the charge doesn’t exceed Rs 5.

However, Airtel doesn’t offer this service to their new customer, you should be 90 days older on the Airtel network to use this Airtel service.

Furthermore, there are a few more terms and conditions from the Airtel.

These terms and conditions are easy to understand and I recommend you to read the terms before using the Airtel loan service.

All the terms and conditions are given below in steps,

And below the terms and conditions section, you will get the method to take the Advance Talktime loan as well as the method to take the Advance internet Talktime loan.

So carry on your reading a little bit more.

Airtel Terms & Conditions:

1) This Airtel service is valid only for the customer who are 90 days or older on the Airtel network.

2) The Airtel loan USSD will work only when the user Airtel account number is below Rs 5.

3) Airtel reserves the right to debit the advance Talktime balance or the Advance internet balance at any time.

4) Airtel can also deduct the Advance Talktime balance or the Advance internet balance when the customer top-up their mobile number next time.

5) Bharti Airtel will charge an additional amount of Rs 1 to Rs 5 for each Advance loan transaction.

How to Take Loan in Airtel:

Method one: Airtel Talktime Loan:

1) First of all, open your smartphone dialer and Dial any USSD code: *141*10# | *121*7# | *141# 

2) After dialing the USSD code, enter on the Airtel call button in the dialer.

3) Now wait a few minutes and one pop-up will appear on your screen with some instructions.

4) You can follow the instructions to get Rs 10 loan in Airtel.

5) You can also dial this number 52141 from your Airtel mobile number.

6) This 52141 number is a toll-free number of Airtel, so you will not be charged for anything.

Method one: Airtel Data Loan:

1) For data loan in Airtel the process is almost same, open your dialer and dial: *141*567#

2) Then you have to tap on the calling button on your screen

3) After that, one pop-up will appear on your screen with some easy instructions.

4) Now press 1 to get the 2G/3G/4G Advance internet balance on your Airtel mobile number.

5) After dialing the above USSD code, you will get Internet data anywhere between 80MB to 200MB.

6) You can also dial 52141 number from your smartphone.

7) After dialing the number, follow the instructions on the call for Advance emergency internet Talktime loan.


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