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Airtel Smartbytes: What are Airtel SmartBytes Broadband Plans?

Airtel Smartbytes: Are you looking for Airtel Smart bytes broadband plans, usage, charges, etc?

If you are looking for the same then your search ends on this Airtel Smartbytes page,

In this Airtel Smartbytes page, I am going to tell you about Airtel Smartbyte’s plans, charges, and some other information.

Make sure you read this Airtel Smartbytes page tell the end.

So are you excited to know?

Let’s begin,

In today’s modern era the world has become a global village.

Every single person on the earth has become dependent on the Internet.

From small schools to huge business the Internet plays a vital role.

If you are the one looking for a smart Internet connection at your home then the Airtel Smartbytesmight be a good option for you.

Am I right?

So I am going to take a deep dive into the world of Smartbyte and learn everything about the Airtel.

I am sure if you are an Indian user, reading this article then you will be aware of Airtel.

Are you?

It is one of the most popular companies in the telecom sector. 

Not only popular, but it is also the largest telecom operator in India.

With the Airtel Smartbytes, you can now enjoy non-stop parties with your friends without running out of data.


Using the High-speed Internet connection of Airtel SmartBytes.

But what is smart bytes exactly is?

Carry on reading,

Airtel Smartbytes

What is Airtel Smartbytes?

Ok! you know about the Airtel right?

The Airtel Smartbyte is actually a broadband service.

To be more precise it is a Data usage pack for those who are using Airtel Broadband.

The Smartbytes claims to be a service where a user can purchase high-speed data as per their convenience.

Not only a user can purchase their desired high-speed data,

But The smart bytes service also keeps the user aware of the data budget.

With the help of this feature,

You will know when to top up and never run out of data.

What are the Benefits of Airtel Smartbytes?

Smartbytes is a great asset for data users.

It allows the user to purchase their desired data plan in no time.

Now you might be thinking that’s what a broadband service does, right?

The good thing about the Airtel Smartbytes is its unique data plans. Users can easily select up to 50 gigabytes of data plan only at the cost of Rs.99.

Besides their sleek data plans the users can also track their daily data usage.

It has an inbuilt data usage alert system that will tell you if you are exceeding your limits.

The smart byte also enables its users to keep track of their billing cycle.

That way you will know when to replenish your data plan.

How to Check Airtel Smartbytes Data Usage?

If you are worried that you might run out of data due to the high-speed connection.

You can always keep track of your daily usage.

Due to the Airtel Smartbyte, you can easily design a daily usage plan.

It will help you using a certain amount and you won’t run out of the internet in the middle of the month.

However, If you are curious to see how much the amount is left in your plan you can check it.

The first thing is the Airtel userfriendly website. By Navigating your way to their website you can get almost every detail you need.

Simply open Airtel smart byte Page on your smartphone/tablet or desktop browser.

This will take you to the Airtel website.

Don’t worry the coolest thing about their website is that you won’t have to log in for data access.

Make sure you are using the Airtel broadband connection when you are going to that website.

Once you have successfully entered the website go to the Broadband menu.

The Broadband menu will show you details like your internet usage and the remaining volume for the month.

There is also another way to check the remaining volume.

Go to Google play store and download the official app “Airtel for Mobile“.

Once you have this app open it and register your account on it.

Make sure you enter your exact credentials during the account creation process.

Once you are done with the account creating process you can check the remaining volume and your data plan using that app.

The app allows both prepaid and postpaid users to check their billing cycle.

How to Top-up your data anytime?

The Airtel Smartbytes service makes the data top-up extremely easy.

Now you don’t have to visit your local franchise for data top-ups like the old days.

With the Smartbytes service, you can easily choose your high-speed data plans and stay connected all the time.

For using your High-speed data plan all you need to log in to the Airtel Smartbytes page.

The login procedure is simple.

On the Airtel smart bytes page, you need to click on upgrade.

You can choose your data plan here.

Airtel smart bytes provides two different billing methods.

One of them is a bill by the end of the month while the other one is after the end of the billing cycle.

Pros of Airtel Smartbytes:

1) High-speed Internet.

2) Sleek and good data plans.

3) Easy to recharge.

4) Easy to track daily data usage.

5) Enables users to limit daily data usage.

Cons of Airtel Smartbytes:

1) Some people are not happy with their FUP (Fair Use policy).

Usage Packs for SmartBytes

1) 1 GB data at Rs.99

2) 2 GB data at Rs.159

3) 5 GB data at Rs.299

4) 10GB data at Rs.499

5) 20GB data at Rs.799

6) 50GB data at Rs.1499

Final Words:

The airtel smart byte is a great service to use with so many benefits.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind especially if you are using a limited data connection.

We all know that with High-speed internet connection surfing gets more exciting.

But sometimes there are many apps running in our systems backgrounds that consume our user data.

We cannot let these programs eat our data.

The best way to avoid such a situation is to meter your connection.

This way only those apps will consume data that have access granted.

This way you will never lose your data on unwanted app updates etc.

I hope you get the required information about Airtel Smartbytes.

If you have any queries regarding Airtel smart bytes broadband plans, usage, charges then let me know in the comment section below.

And if you need some cashback or discount on your next Airtel broadband recharge then check some free recharge offers.

Airtel Smartbytes FAQ:

How to activate Smartbytes in Airtel postpaid?

To Activate open SMS app in your smartphone and compose an SMS and type SMART and send it to 121

What is Airtel Smartbytes?

Check this article to know about What is airtel smart bytes.

How to activate Smartbytes in Airtel

You need to send an SMS to activate the same.

How to buy Airtel Smartbytes?

To buy Airtel smart bytes, you have to visit the Airtel link which is given on this page.

How to buy Smartbytes in Airtel postpaid?

You can buy it by sending an SMS through your Airtel Sim card.

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