Amazon Apple Quiz Answers Today: Win iPad Air

Amazon Apple Quiz Answers Today: In this quiz post I am going to tell you some Answers,

After using these answers on the Amazon app, you can win below prizes:

  • Amazon Apple Watch
  • Amazon Apple iPhone
  • Ipad of Apple
  • And much more.

So, now let me tell you the correct answers.

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Now Amazon is back with another quiz time, In today’s quiz, Amazon is offering Apple iPhone XR smartphone.

Amazon will not charge you for this iPhone, Amazon is giving away to you absolutely free.

Really, it is true?

Yes, this is a part of Amazon India quiz time and Amazon is offering prizes for quiz winners absolutely free.

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so how can you play this quiz, you don’t have to do much, all you need to do is to follow the below steps!!

Amazon Apple Quiz

Amazon Apple Quiz Answers:

Amazon Apple iPad Air Quiz Answers (22nd May):

Q1. In India, May 11 is celebrated as what day which marks the anniversary of Pokhran nuclear tests of 1998?

Ans: National Technology Day

Q2. Which social reformer born on this day (May 22nd), is regarded by many historians as the father of the ‘Indian Renaissance‘?

Ans: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Q3. What is the title of the book written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s life together?

Ans: Finding Freedom

Q4. In Avengers: Endgame, who sacrifices her life so that Hawkeye can obtain the soul stone?

Ans: Natasha Romanoff

Q5. Who scored the first goal in the Bundesliga post it’s reopening after the lockdown phase?

Ans: Erling Haaland

Amazon Apple Watch 5 Quiz Answers (8th May):

Q1. Which western astrological star sign is represented by the twin’s Castor and Pollux?

Ans: Gemini

Q2. For playing the lead character in which movie did Irrfan Khan win the National Film Award for Best Actor in 2012?

Ans: Paan Singh Tomar

Q3. A venomous snake species recently found in Arunachal Pradesh has been named after which fictional character?

Ans: Salazar Slytherin

Q4. Meteor Fireball 350 is a new product of which iconic bike manufacturer?

Ans: Royal Enfield

Q5. In association with which organization did WhatsApp recently introduce the ‘Together at Home’ series of stickers?

Ans: WHO

Amazon Apple Watch Answers (24th April):

Q1. What was the name of the star-studded COVID-19 benefit concert organized by Global Citizen, streamed online recently?

Ans: One World: Together at Home

Q2. Kombucha is a variety of which drink?

Ans: Tea

Q3. How many pieces make up a Tangram puzzle?

Ans: 7

Q4. Paul McCartney’s handwritten lyrics for which Beatles song was recently sold at an auction for $910,000?

Ans: Hey Jude

Q5. Which folk song, whose name means ‘goodbye beautiful’, was made popular again by the Spanish TV series ‘Money Heist’?

Ans: Bella Ciao

Apple iPhone XS Answers (19th April):

Q1. Born on April 6th, 1886 which ruler of a princely state was featured on Time Magazine in 1937 as the richest man of that time?

Ans -- Mir Osman Ali Khan

Q2. Andra Tutto Bene’ meaning everything will be all right, is a slogan of hope that has gone viral. Which language is the phrase from?

Ans -- Italian

Q3. In the television series Inside Edge, which of these is the name of a franchise representing Mumbai in the Powerplay League?

Ans -- Mavericks

Q4. Which of these festivals or occasions is also known in Tamil Nadu as Puthandu?

Ans -- Tamil New Year

Q5. Which Oscar award-winning actor is portraying the antagonist Safin in the latest Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’?

Ans -- Rami Malek

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