Amazon Blaupunkt Party Speakers Quiz Answers Today – 2020

Amazon Blaupunkt Party Speakers Quiz Answers Today -- 2020, Amazon has come up with a new offer. Now Amazon is offering a new quiz time.

In today’s quiz time Amazon is offering Blaupunkt Party Speakers.

This quiz is valid only for today. So open your Amazon app and play this quiz now.

Amazon Blaupunkt Party Speakers Quiz Answers

Amazon Blaupunkt Party Speakers Quiz Answers --

Amazon 3rd September 2019 Quiz Answers --

Q.Which is the largest country in the world in terms of land area?

Ans. Russia

Q.What is the currency of China called?

Ans. Yuan

Q.Velcro has been making life easier since its invention. Do you know where was velcro invented?

Ans. Switzerland

Q.‘281 and Beyond’ is the autobiography of a veteran Indian cricketer. Who is the author of this book?

Ans. VVS Laxman

Q.A ‘Torero’ is a term associated with which of these?

Ans. Bull Fighting

Amazon 29th June Quiz Answers --

1. Which is the first country to officially declare an ‘environmental and climate emergency’?


2. Avengers Endgame almost broke all records when it released. But it still isn’t the ‘most successful movie ever made’ in terms of money earned yet. Which film holds this record?

Ans. Avatar

3. Featuring at #100, who is the only Indian to be featured in the Forbes World’s Highest-Paid Athletes list 2019?

Ans. Virat Kohli

4. A Spanish poet won the 1971 Nobel Prize for Literature. Who was this distinguished poet who is also well-recognized for his love poems?

Ans. Pablo Neruda

5. Nitesh Kumar Jangir won an award for creating a low-cost breathing support device called ‘Saans’. Who is this device meant for?

Ans. Premature babies

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