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Amazon Comfort Quiz Answers – Win Amazon Pay Balance, Do you want to win some big prizes?

Amazon has bought another quiz contest in this contest you can win Comfort Quiz Answers smartphone. earlier amazon offered Honor 7x quiz, Samsung galaxy A8+ quiz, February quiz, etc.

Winners of this quiz will be announced soon bt Amazon.

Amazon Comfort quiz answers

Amazon Comfort Quiz Answers :

21st June 2019 Quiz Answers –

1. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using fabric conditioners?

Answer – Makes clothes magnetic

2. Comfort fabric conditioners can be used on several types of clothes including woolens, towels, bedsheets and more.

Answer – True

3. The new range of Comfort fabric conditioners specially formulated for baby clothes is called __. Fill in the blanks.

Answer – Comfort Pure

4. Comfort fabric conditioners CANNOT be used in which of the following methods of washing?

Answer – Brainwash

5. When washing clothes in a bucket, which of these is the correct way of using Comfort fabric conditioners?

Answer – Soak clothes in Comfort after detergent wash

How To Play This Amazon Quiz :

1) First Of all Amazon or Download Amazon app from the Offer page

2) Now Install and open the app.

3) Login or Register a new account.

4) Goto Amazon app dashboard.

5) Click on Amazon Quiz Answers quiz banner.

6) Then click on start.

7) Answer 5 Questions and now you are done, winners of this quiz will be announced soon by Amazon.

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Amazon Comfort Quiz Answers Quiz Time 24 June #AmazonComfortQuiz
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