Amazon Comfort Quiz Answers – Win Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon Comfort Quiz Answers – Win Amazon Pay Balance, Amazon has bought another quiz contest in this contest you can win Comfort Quiz Answers smartphone. earlier amazon offered Honor 7x quiz, samsung galaxy A8+ quiz, February quiz, etc.

Amazon Comfort quiz answers

Amazon Comfort Quiz Answers :

1. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using fabric conditioners?

Answer – Makes clothes magnetic

2. Comfort fabric conditioners can be used on several types of clothes including woolens, towels, bedsheets and more.

Answer – True

3. The new range of Comfort fabric conditioners specially formulated for baby clothes is called __. Fill in the blanks.

Answer – Comfort Pure

4. Comfort fabric conditioners CANNOT be used in which of the following methods of washing?

Answer – Brainwash

5. When washing clothes in a bucket, which of these is the correct way of using Comfort fabric conditioners?

Answer – Soak clothes in Comfort after detergent wash

How To Avail Amazon Comfort Quiz :

  • First Of all Amazon or Download Amazon app from Offer page
  • Now Install and open the app.
  • Login or Register a new account.
  • Goto Amazon app dashboard.
  • Click on Amazon Comfort Quiz Answers quiz banner.
  • Then click on start.
  • Answer 5 Questions.
  • You have completed Amazon Comfort Quiz.

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