Amazon Fitbit Charge 3 Watch Quiz Answers: 3rd August 2019

Amazon Fitbit Charge 3 Watch Quiz Answers: 3rd August 2019, Now Amazon is again back with another Quiz time. In today’s Quiz time Amazon is offering the Fitbit Charge 3 Watch Quiz.

This Quiz is valid only for today so follow below steps and avail this quiz.

Winners of this Quiz will be announced soon.

Wa have already posted a page on earningkart where you will get a list on Amazon contest winners.

Amazon Fitbit Charge 3 Watch Quiz Answers


Amazon Fitbit Charge 3 Watch Quiz Answers –

Fitbit Charge 3 Watch Quiz : 3rd August –

1) The Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) which is manufacturing base for guided weapons systems, functions under the Ministry of _______________. Fill in the blank.

Ans – Defence

2) In 305 BC, which Maurya ruler defeated Alexander’s general Seleucus Nicator?

Ans – Chandragupta Maurya

3) Sports-wear brand Reebok has appointed a new Indian brand ambassador. Which one of these is it?

Ans – Katrina Kaif

4) When did the Apple iPhone first become available?

Ans – 2007

5) Which cricketer was named ‘Player of the Tournament’ for the ICC World Cup 2019?

Ans – Kane Williamson

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