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Amazon Go Pro Quiz

Amazon Go Pro Quiz Answers:

Amazon Go Pro Hero Answers (10th July):

Q1. Which country is helping Bhutan set up the 600MW Kholongchhu Hydro Electric Project?

Ans: India

Q2. The Amazon Prime series ‘Breathe: Into the Shadows‘ stars which of these Bollywood actors?

Ans: Abhishek Bachchan

Q3. Recently inducted by the Indian Navy, after which mythical character is the indigenously developed anti-torpedo decoy system named?

Ans: Maareech

Q4. Which global tech firm was the latest to pick up a stake in Jio Platforms for INR 1,894.50 crore?

Ans: Intel

Q5. Which country’s Revolutionary Guards Corps plans to establish a permanent military base in the Indian Ocean by March 2021?

Ans: Iran

Amazon Go Pro Hero Answers (29th May):

Q1) Which famous foreigner after whom a city in India is named, landed on Indian shores on 20th May 1498?

Ans: Vasco da Gama

Q3) The Western Ghats, one of the eight hotspots of biological diversity in the world, is spread across how many Indian states?

Ans: 6

Q4) Which French company helped Indian Railways manufacture the 12000 HP electric locomotive?

Ans: Alstom

Q5) “Ada. Seva Sadaiv” is the motto of which of these Indian organizations?


Q5) Which Indian FMCG company recently launched their e-commerce app ‘OrderMe’?

Ans: Patanjali

Amazon Hero Answers (18th April):

1) The Painter Prince is a book based on which famous painter born in April 1848?

Ans: Raja Ravi Varma

2) Which of these was the first Summer Olympics to be canceled in the 20th century?

Ans: 1916

3) How do we better know the ruler Maharana Sangram Singh Sisodia born on 12th April 1482 who fought against the Lodhi dynasty?

Ans: Rana Sanga

4) Which of these drugs currently in the news is also sold under the brand name Plaquenil and is used for the treatment of malaria?

Ans: Hydroxychloroquine

5) ‛The Unsung Warrior’ is the tagline of which Bollywood movie released in January 2020?

Ans: Tanhaji

Amazon Hero 8 Answers:

Q1. Which famous person born on 15th January, delivered the iconic ‘I have a dream’ speech at Washington?

Ans: Martin Luther King Jnr

Q2. Utkalika is the state emporium of which Indian state?

Ans: Odisha

Q3. The Hundred’ is a cricket tournament in England to be launched in 2020. What does the Hundred refer to?

Ans: Number of balls in an innings

Q4. More than 1 billion animals may have been killed in wildfires ravaging which country in 2019-20?

Ans: Australia

Q5. Which of these popular animated series is set in the fictional town of Springfield?

Ans: Simpsons

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