Amazon LG Q6 Sale 10th August – Amazon Exclusvie

Amazon LG Q6 Sale 10th August – Amazon Exclusvie, the lg q6 metal body is solidified by the light weight h-beam frame made from incredibly strong 7000 series aluminium. it’s designed to better endure impact from any direction

Reach everything with just one hand. the slimmer 69.3 width makes the LG q6 totally comfortable to touch, use, and hold. the flat display surface and optimized bezel reduce annoying addidential touchess , frequent with curved displays the latest, expansive 5.5 inch ips full hd + display gives more to see, the 18.9 screen brings a new dimenson to th the smartphone viewing experience, immerse yourself in a whole new level of videos, gaming, and browsing

Lift LG Q6, and your face wakes it up improved face reconigiton unlocks your phone more quickly and  conveniently than ever before, without tying, drawing, swiping, or fingerprinting

Raise your selfie game with a 100 -degree wide angle froont camera to fit more friends and sourrounding, the wide angle setting captures the whole scene or set it to normal angle for closer, more personal portraits.

Create fun, share worthy photos with  exclusive square camera. four creative shot modes let you make unique and likeable postes, uploads, and shares

LG Q6 can withstand longer and longer hours strating at smartphone screens at night times the blue from light from smartphone screen causes dryness, blurred vision and eye fatigue

How to Avail Amazon LG Q6 Sale on 10th August? Follow Below steps to know more

amazon lg q6 sale

LG Q6 Specification :

How To Avail Amazon LG Q6 Sale :

1) Firstly Goto Amazon

2) On sale day add lg q6 to cart

3) Add deliver address

4) Make Payment

5) That’sit

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