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Amazon LG Quiz Answers: In this quiz post, I am going to tell you about today LG quiz answers,

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So, let me tell you today Quiz answers,

As usual, Amazon is again back with another quiz contest, now answer & win LG products.

Amazon has come up with LG Quiz Contest, solves the Quiz, and stands a chance to win LG products like an oven, smartphone, watch, etc.

All Amazon users can participate in this contest.

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Amazon LG Quiz Answers

Amazon LG Quiz Answers:

LG W30 Pro Quiz Answers (27th May):

Q1. Does Fenway Sports Group own which football club that is currently top of the table in its domestic league?

Ans: Liverpool

Q2. Who among these has been posthumously awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2020?

Ans: Arun Jaitley

Q3. Who has forayed into the Electric Vehicle market with their new offering iQube Electric?

Ans: TVS Motor

Q4. Which famous character actor is playing the role of Indian team manager PR Man Singh in the movie 83?

Ans: Pankaj Tripathi

Q5. Bal Shakti Puraskar is an annual award presented by the Indian President to whom?

Ans: Children

LG W30 Pro Answers (6th May):

Q1. In BR Chopra’s Mahabharat, which very important character was played by Gufi Paintal?

Ans: Shakuni

Q2. ‘Environment Protection for Improving Animal and Human Health’ was the 2020 theme for which day celebrated on April 28 every year?

Ans: World Veterinary Day

Q3. Which company is building the Dragon spacecraft for NASA’s first manned US space mission in a decade?

Ans: SpaceX

Q4. Which of these songs based on national integration was rehashed for

Ans: Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Q5. Which company has recently launched the DualSense controller for its gaming console?

Ans: Sony

Amazon W30 Pro Answers (29th April):

Q1. NASA’s Juno spacecraft recently captured a stunning image of the northern regions of which solar body and its swirling, chaotic atmosphere?

Ans: Jupiter

Q2. The Red Guardian is a character to be introduced to the MCU in the Black Widow movie. In which country was he born?

Ans: Russia

Q3. How do we better know the Korean candy Ppopgi? (Hint: A famous coffee trend currently running all over social media)

Ans: Dalgona

Q4. The recently launched book, ‘Shuttling to the Top’ is the biography of which Indian sportsperson?

Ans: PV Sindhu

Q5. Which famous actor born on April 24th in Gajanur, was also known as Nata Saarvabhouma (emperor of actors)?

Ans: Dr. Rajkumar

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