Amazon Mi Quiz Answers Today – 2020

Amazon Mi Quiz Answers Today -- 2020, Amazon has come up with a new offer.

Now Amazon is offering a new quiz time. In today’s quiz time Amazon is offering Mi quiz.

This quiz is valid only for today.

So open your Amazon app and play this quiz now.

Amazon Mi Android TV Quiz Answers

Amazon Mi Quiz Answers --

Amazon Mi A3 Quiz Answers -- 25th Sep

Q1. In 1416, this city became the capital of not just Denmark, but of Norway and Sweden as well. Which city is being talked about here?

Ans -- Copenhagen

Q2. Originating in the Tibetan plateau near Lake Mansarovar, which river flows through Ladakh?

Ans -- Indus

Q3. Which one of these is a traditional folk dance of the people of Lakshadweep Islands?

Ans -- Lava dance

Q4. Which country will host the 2020 summer Olympics?

Ans -- Japan

Q5. The circle of latitude known as Tropic of Capricorn passes through India.

Ans -- False

Old Amazon Mi Quiz Answers --

Amazon Mi Android TV Quiz Answers -- 6th June

1) Who is known as the ‘Waterman of India’ and is renowned for his conservational efforts in bringing back many rivers, and increasing the water table level in Rajasthan?

Ans -- Dr. Rajendra Singh

2) Like humans, most species in the animal kingdom have a single heart. But there is an exception. How many hearts does an octopus have?

Ans -- 3

3) Which plant was added to the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest growing plant on earth?

Ans -- Bamboo

4) In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we see Hulk as a green-colored giant superhero. But what color was he meant to be originally?

Ans -- Grey

5) Sara Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan announced their new film recently. It will be directed by David Dhawan. What is the film called?

Ans -- Coolie No. 1

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