Amazon Pay Quiz Answers – 22nd August 2019

Amazon Pay Quiz Answers – 22nd August 2019, Do you have Amazon India or account?

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Amazon Pay Quiz Answers

Amazon Pay Quiz Answers 

Win Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance –

Q1) What is the currency of South Africa called?

Ans- Rand

Q2) Indian players Harmeet Desai and Ayhika Mukherjee won the gold at the 2019 Commonwealth Championships. Which sport did they play?

Ans- Table Tennis

Q3) She is a former international tennis player and has represented India at the Deaflympics. She has now become the first Indian to win the Miss Deaf World Pageant. Who is she?

Ans- Vidisha Baliyan

Q4) The ______ in Delhi was inaugurated on 25th Feb 2019. It is a structure comprising of four concentric circles – Amar Chakra, Veerta Chakra, Tyag Chakra, and Rakshak Chakra. Fill in the blank.

Ans- National war memorial

Q5) Who is the author of the bestselling books, ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’?

Ans- Yuval Noah Harari

Old Amazon Pay Quiz Answers –

Win Rs 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance –

Q1) On which day is World Photography Day (WPD) observed each year?

Ans – August 19

Q2) Which of the following will you associate ‘Sattriya’ with?

Ans – a dance form

Q3) What kind of animal is the ‘flying fox’?

Ans – Bat

Q4) Which European capital city was built on a group of 14 islands?

Ans – Stockholm

Q5) The Indian state of Nagaland was formed in 1963. Which state was it a part of earlier?

Ans – Assam

Old Amazon Pay Quiz Answers –

Win Rs 25,000 Amazon Pay Balance: 12th August 2019 –

1) In which of the following Indian festivals are boat races a special feature

Ans – Onam

2) Who was the leader of North Korea before Kim Jong-un?

Ans – Kim Jong-il

3) It is said that Gandhiji frequently listened to and enjoyed the kirtan, ‘Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye’. Who penned this kirtan?

Ans – Narsimha Mehta

4) The author of the book ‘Business @ the Speed of Thought’ also wrote ‘The Road Ahead’ in the year 1995, which was at number one in the New York Times best seller list for seven weeks. Who is the author of these books?

Ans – Bill Gates

5) Who was the winner of the prestigious RedInk Award for ‘Journalist of the Year’ 2019? She bagged this award for her 2018 expose on the functioning of the UIDAI and its Aadhaar data cache.

Ans – Rachna Khaira

Win Rs 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance: 10th August 2019 – 

1) _____ is a central Asian sport in which horse mounted players attempt to drag a goat or a calf carcass towards a goal. Fill in the blanks

Ans – Buzkashi

2) Which among the following platforms announced that it will introduce ‘Learning Playlists’ to list educational videos?

Ans – YouTube

3) Mary Kom is an Indian Olympic boxer hailing from ______. Fill in the blanks.

Ans – Manipur

4) A new smartphone malware which affected millions of users, was named after a character in the Matrix. What is the malware called?

Ans – Agent Smith

5) The Anglo-Zanzibar War between the United Kingdom and the Zanzibar Sultanate was the shortest recorded war in history. How long did it last?

Ans – 38-45 minutes

Win Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance: 8th August 2019 –

1) Where is India’s highest astronomical observatory located?

Ans- Ladakh

2) A phobia is an irrational fear that a person may experience. Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of what?

Ans- Number 13

3) The World Bank Group announced its first female Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who is an Indian national. What is her name? Hint – She was the MD of the State Bank of India!

Ans- Anshula Kant

4) In a standard set of playing cards, which king is the only one without a moustache?

Ans – King of hearts

5) ISRO has been in the spotlight recently due to its moon mission, Chandrayaan-2. Who is the current chairman of ISRO?

Ans – Kailasavadivoo Sivan

August Amazon Pay Quiz Answers –

Win Rs 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance: 5th August 2019 –

1) Which of the following is the official language in Argentina?

Ans – Spanish

2) In India, Engineer’s Day is celebrated on September 15. It commemorates the birth anniversary of which Indian scientist?

Ans – M. Visvesvaraya

3) While most societies follow a patrilineal tradition wherein the father’s name is passed on to the children, some do not. Which one of these Indian ethnic communities follows a matrilineal tradition?

Ans-Khasi, Meghalaya

4) Rahul Dravid was recently appointed as the Head of Cricket at the NCA (National Cricket Academy). When was the NCA founded?

Ans – 2000

5) In the Lion King, what is the name of Simba’s uncle i.e. Mufasa’s brother?

Ans – Scar

Win Rs 25,000 Amazon Pay Balance: 29th July 2019 –

1) Which one of these is a traditional folk dance of the people of Lakshadweep Islands?

Ans – Lava dance

2) The famous ‘Hornbill festival’ is celebrated in which of the following states of India?

Ans – Nagaland

3) Krav Maga is a form of martial arts.

Ans – TRUE

4) ______ is a folk dance form from the Indian state of Mizoram, in which men move bamboo staves horizontally and vertically while women dance in between them so as to avoid their legs getting caught

Ans – Cheraw dance

5) _____ is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh

Ans – Shimla

Win Rs 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance: 25th July 2019 –

1) Which banking institution commenced its operations from the 1st of April 1935?

Ans – Reserve Bank of India

2) Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao have teamed up for a new film and the trailer was released recently. What is the name of the film?

Ans – Judgemental Hai Kya

3) Originating in the Tibetan plateau near Lake Mansarovar, which river flows through Ladakh?

Ans – Indus

4) With the length of its wings reaching nearly 12 feet, which bird has the largest wingspan of any living bird species?

Ans – Wandering albatross

5) Which one of these Indian movies is inspired by the biography of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa?

Ans -Taare Zamin Par

Win Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance – 

1) AR Rahman won a Grammy award for which album?

Ans- Slumdog Millionaire

2) The transformer that develops a high voltage in a home television is commonly called a ____. Fill in the blank.

Ans- Flyback

3) The BCCI has just named a new Head of Cricket at the National Cricket Academy. Who is it?

Ans- Rahul Dravid

4) Where is the headquarters of the ICC (International Cricket Council) located?

Ans- Dubai

5) Which profession does Sanjay Dutt fake in the movie Lage Raho Munnabhai?

Ans- History Professor

More Amazon Pay Quiz Answers –

Win Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay balance –

1) Which Indian state is also known as the ‘Land of rising sun’ because it gets the first sunrise in the country?

Ans- Arunachal Pradesh

2) Which is the only tennis Grand Slam tournament that is played on grass courts currently?

Ans- Wimbledon

3) The 2006 film, The Namesake, starring Tabu and Irfan Khan is based on a novel of the same name. Who is the author of that novel?

Ans- Jhumpa Lahiri

4) Name the official residence of the Pope?

Ans- Apostolic Palace

5) Who out of the following is NOT an Indian fashion designer?

Ans- Ravi Ruia

Win Rs 1000 Amazon Pay Balance – 

1) Which country recently launched the world’s largest independent solar energy plant?

Ans – UAE

2) Designer Jony Ives recently quit his job. He worked with the company for 20 years and was even knighted at Buckingham Palace. He was the Cheif Design Officer for which organization?

Ans – Apple

3) Which actor is returning to play James Bond in the new film Bond 25?

Ans – Daniel Craig

4) Opera is described as art, architecture, music, theatre, and text all coming together to tell a story. In which country did opera, as we know it today, first began?

Ans – Italy

5) In the Disney live-action remake of Lion King, Beyonce has sung the female vocals for the English version. Who will sing in the Hindi soundtrack?

Ans – Sunidhi Chahan

Win Rs 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance –

1) The Dadasaheb Phalk Award is one of the most prestigious awards given in the field of India cinema. Who was the first to win this award?

Ans- Devika Rani

2) Mohammed Shami became the 2nd Indian to take a hat-trick in the ICC World Cup. Who was the first Indian cricketer to do so?

Ans- Chetan Sharma

3) What is the name of the technology which uses cable-pulled devices or robots to mimic the movements of humans or animals? Example: The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park!

Ans- Animatronics

4) Who is popularly known as the ‘Birdman of India’ because of his highly influential work in the development of Ornithology (the study of birds)?

Ans- Salim Ali

5) William Jay Bowerman is a popular name in the world of sports apparel and gear. He is the co-founder of which famous sportswear brand?

Ans- Nike

Old Amazon Pay Quiz Answers –

Win Rs 25,000 Amazon Pay Balance –

1) T’Challa, the king of Wakanda, is the alter ego of which superhero?

Ans – Black Panther

2) Which of these Indian musical instruments is NOTa string instrument?

Ans – chengila

3) Diljit Dosanjh’s film Soorma, is based on the life of which prominent Indian hockey player?

Ans – Sandeep Singh

4) The 6th full moon of 2019 was visible on 17th June alongside Jupiter and appeared reddish in color. What was this phenomenon called?

Ans – Strawberry moon

5) Narendranath Datta was the birth name of which of these?

Ans – Swami Vivekananda

Win Rs 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance –

Q1) Who has been crowned Femina Miss India World 2019? PS – She hails from Rajasthan.

Ans- Suman Rao

Q2) Which state has the longest known cave in India? The cave is 24,583 meters in length!

Ans- Meghalaya

Q3) In the Hindi dub of Disney’s upcoming ‘Lion King’, Shah Rukh Khan will be the dubbing the character ‘King Mufasa’. Who will voice the character of Simba, the young lion and King Mufasa’ s son?

Ans- Aryan Khan

Q4) Which of the following movies won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director & Best Actor all at once in the year 1995?

Ans- Forrest Gump

Q5) Who will be directing Amitabh Bachchan’s next film, ‘Gulabo Sitabo’?

Ans- Shoojit Sircar

Other Amazon Pay Quiz Answers –

Win Rs 5,000: 17th June –

1) The Queen of England celebrates 2 birthdays – on her actual date of birth in April, and an official birthday in June. How old did she turn this year?

Ans – 93

2) Which Indian football player has made the highest number of international appearances (108 matches to be exact) to become the highest capped footballer in the country?

Ans – Sunil Chettri

3) Elena Cornaro Piscopia was one of the first women to receive an academic degree from a university in 1678 and was featured on a Google Doodle recently! What did she receive her doctorate in?

Ans – Philosophy

4) Kangaroo is a type of mammal that carries its young in a small external pouch on its body. What is this type of mammal called?

Ans – Marsupial

5) Which world famous brand derived its name from the Greek goddess of victory?

Ans – Nike

Win Rs 10,000: 13th June –

1. After the Green Revolution, ‘Operation Flood’ was launched in the year 1970. Which product was the focus of this movement?

Ans. Milk

2. What is the national sport of India?

Ans. India doesn’t have one

3. The Odisha government recently launched a scheme to provide free sanitary napkins to school girls across the state. What is this scheme called?

Ans. Khushi

4. Who recently created history by becoming the first-ever spinner to bowl the opening over in a World Cup match?

Ans. Imran Tahir

5. Which of these branches of science is concerned with the study of reptiles and amphibians?

Ans. Herpetology

Amazon Pay Quiz Answers Terms – 

1) This Contest will commence on 17th July 2019 from 08:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 12:00:00 p.m. (IST) (“Contest Period”)

2) In order to be eligible for the Contest, during the Contest Period you must sign-in to or sign-up from an account on the App (“ App”).

3) Once you have signed-in to the App, you can participate by navigating to the page where 5 (five) questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period.

4) The declared winner(s) will be eligible for winning Rs 20,000 as Amazon Pay balance (hereinafter referred to as “Prize(s)”).

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