Amazon Pay To Bank – How to Transfer Money

Amazon Pay To Bank -- How to Transfer Money For Free, Are you an Amazon India customer?

If you are an Amazon India customer, then do you know you can’t transfer your Amazon Pay wallet balance to your bank account.

In other words, Amazon is not allowing its Indian Customers to withdraw their Amazon Pay balance to their Bank account.

But why Amazon is doing this?

I don’t know, I have to write an email to Jeff Bezos for this problem.

Do you want me to email Jeff Bezos? the founder of the world’s biggest and greatest company?

I am just joking.

I even don’t have Jeff Bezos’s email address, so how can I email them.

But I can email to Amazon customer support.

A few moments later I did the same and after 5 hours of sending the email to Amazon customer support.

I received an email with this message

“Thank you for contacting us, As of now, Amazon India account holders don’t have the permissions to transfer their Amazon Pay balance to Bank account. But in the future, this option will be available for all”

Then I didn’t reply to them for the reason that I know I will not get any valuable reply from their customer support, So I contacted them via live chat.

On live chat on of the Amazon customer service, the employee is replying to me that right now Amazon doesn’t allow wallet funds transfer to the bank.

I am frustrated till now,

What should I do to transfer my Amazon balance to the bank?

Now I requested a call from Amazon app.

I received the call instantly, and do you know they told me the procedure to transfer my funds to the bank.

But what is the procedure? carry on reading.

Amazon Pay To Bank Account

Amazon Pay To Bank Procedure?

Their customer support told me on call that yes you can transfer your Amazon Pay balance to your savings account

But this is a manual procedure and it must be done from their end then this procedure will work.

Now I feel very relaxed.

After so many efforts, now I can transfer my funds to my bank account.

Customer support replied to me that there are some certain conditions in which we transfer our customer Amazon Pay balance to the account.

I replied, What are the conditions let me know.

They told me that when their customers load more than Rs 1000 in their Amazon Pay balance in a  single transaction, then they provide their customers revert to the bank.

I asked what do you mean by a single transaction.

Support replied by giving an example, let’s say you added Rs 50,000 one time in your Amazon Pay account and now you need revert then we create a ticket for the same and Rs 50,000 will be revert back to the same account within 7 business days.

I asked if you purchase any product with Rs 50,000 and that I cancel that order then?

They replied, yes then also we revert the same amount in the bank.

I again replied if I use some of my Amazon pay balance for doing recharge then?

Support replied, in that case, we can’t revert your account your Amazon Pay balance to the bank account.

I disconnected the call instantly.

Now I feel hopeless, that I can’t transfer my money to the bank account.

After a moment later I started searching my answer on Google as you are also landed on this page by doing the same.

I found a few working methods by using different apps, and websites.

Amazon Pay To India Bank Account --  First Method

1) First of all Goto Safegold from Offer Page

2) Now login or register a new account on Safegold by click on create a new account on the upper left-hand side three dots.

3) Now enter your Name, Mobile number, and email address.

4) Then you will be asked to enter a one-time password sent to your smartphone.

5) Now enter the six-digit one-time password from your smartphone SMS app section.

6) Now you will be asked to enter email / mobile number and password to login on Safe gold.

7) Then proceed and click on the right-hand side three dots.

8) Enter your bank details, like account number, account holder name and other details like IFSC code.

9) Now proceed and click on the Complete button to complete editing your bank account details.

10) Now site home page and click on Buy gold and then enter any amount over there.

More steps to Follow --

11) Then click on Pay and select the wallet option and then select Amazon pay.

12) Then you will be redirected to Amazon India, their login with your Amazon account details.

13) Now you will be asked to a certain amount on the Amazon India website.

14) Complete your Payment on Amazon and you will be redirected to Safe gold site.

15) You have successfully fold from safe gold using your Amazon Pay balance.

16) Now with for 24 hours, the next day sells that gold and your amount will be received in your bank account which you have added in the 8th step of this method.

17) You will get your amount in your bank within 24 hours, so this procedure takes about 24 -- 48 hours to convert Amazon Pay Balance into the bank account.

18) You will be charged 3-4% in the overall process of converting the balance to the bank.

Other Methods --

There are some other method as well to convert your Amazon Pay balance to the bank account,

Some of them don’t work but let me tell your every method one short.

The Second Method -- Convert Amazon Pay balance to India bank account using the Paymatrix.

The third method -- Convert Amazon Pay balance to India bank account using Augmont App or SnapAy App.

The Fourth Method -- Convert Amazon Pay balance to bank account using Zingoy

The Fifth Method -- Convert Amazon Pay balance to bank account using Club factory, Nafa Portal

So are you able to transfer your money to the bank account? If you are satisfied with the above-given information then you must read about free recharge tricks.

Amazon Pay balance FAQ --

How to transfer Amazon pay balance to bank account?

You can only transfer money from your Amazon Pay Balance to the bank account when you have loaded slot of money to wallet in a single transaction, A lot of money means mover over Rs 10,000

How to transfer Amazon pay balance to bank account in india?

There is no direct method to Transfer Amazon wallet Balance to the bank account, every method takes about 2 days to transfer money from your Amazon wallet to bank account.

How to convert Amazon pay balance to bank?

If you want to convert your money, then you need to purchase something then you have to cancel your order on any of the websites to receive the amount in your bank account.

How to send money from Amazon pay balance to Paytm account

Transferring your Amazon Pay money or sending your Amazon Pay Money is same.

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