Amazon Ray ban Sun Glasses Quiz Answers Today – 2020

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Amazon Ray-ban Sun Glasses Quiz Answers Today – 2020, Now Amazon is again back with another Quiz time.

In today’s Quiz time Amazon is offering Ray-ban Sun Glasses.

This Quiz is valid only for today so follow the below steps and avail this quiz.

Winners of this Quiz will be announced soon. You can check winners list from here


Amazon Ray ban Sun Glasses Quiz Answers

Amazon Ray-ban Sun Glasses Quiz Answers –

4th Oct 2019 Quiz Answers –

Q1) World Animal Day’ is celebrated today in order to improve the welfare standards of animals around the globe. Which year was the first ‘World Animal Day’ celebrated?

Ans – 1925

Q2) Which is the largest living fish in the ocean?

Ans – the Whale shark

Q3) Which multinational conglomerate is the parent company to Google?

Ans – Alphabet Inc

Q4) The ‘starfish’ has recently been renamed because it is an echinoderm like the sea urchin and not a fish. Do you know what it is popularly called now?

Ans – Seastar

Q5) The 2018 film, Pad Man, starring Akshay Kumar is based on a true story. Who is the social entrepreneur that inspired the character?

Ans – Arunachalam Murugantham

28th May 2019 Quiz Answers –

1. Yakshagana’ is a traditional theatre form originating from which Indian state?

Ans. Karnataka

2. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words

Ans. True

3. In which country is Mount Vesuvius located?

Ans. Italy

4. Which of the following films has NOT been directed by Imtiaz Ali?

Ans. Karwaan

5. What was the real name of Pope John Paul II?

Ans. Karol Jofez Wojtyla

The above-given question answers are correct? tell us in the comment section.

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