Amazon Samsung Galaxy Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Quiz Answers Today,  Amazon has again back with another quiz time. In this Quiz time, Amazon is offering Samsung Galaxy devices absolutely free.

So give correct answers to five questions and win Samsung Galaxy Quiz.

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Quiz Answers

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Quiz Answers –

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1) World Food Day’ is celebrated today, in honor of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. Which is the main challenge that the UN wants to tackle by observing ‘World Food Day’?

Ans – Global hunger

2) Famous Bollywood movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota hai’ released today in 1998. Who directed this film?

Ans – Karan johar

3) Which of the following is the official language in Argentina?

Ans – Spanish

4) A rare flower blooms in Kerala and the Western Ghats once every 12 years. The last time it bloomed was in 2018. What is a flower called?

Ans – Neelakurinji

5) In the Lion King, what is the name of Simba’s uncle i.e. Mufasa’s brother?

Ans – Scar

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Q.It is the first feature-length motion picture with not only a synchronized recorded music score but also lip-synchronous singing and speech in several isolated sequences. Which movie is being talked about here?

Ans) The Jazz Singer

Q.Who was the first person to win an individual medal at the Olympics, representing independent India?

Ans) K D Jadhav

Q.Which movie won the Oscar for best film in 2018?

Ans) The Shape of Water

Q.What does AR in AR Rahman’s name stand for?

Ans) Allah Rakha 

Q.The East India Company came to India in the 1600s, but established control only in _____ after the Battle of Plassey when it took over the province of Bengal. Fill in the blanks.

Ans) 1757

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Q1) Which of these is an annual fair in Rajasthan, known for its camel trading event?

Ans – Pushkar Mela

Q2) Who composed the famous classical music melody – ‘Fur Elise’?

Ans – Beethoven

Q3) Which is the largest country in the world in terms of land area?

Ans – Russia

Q4) Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

Ans – True

Q5) Which planet is the closest to Earth?

Ans – Venus


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1) Which of these village in Andhra Pradesh became the first ‘smart digital village’ in the state in 2016?

Ans – Mori

2) Today is Kareena Kapoor’s birthday. Her first film released in the year 2000. What was the name of her first film?

Ans – Refugee

3) 21st September is observed as International Day of Peace. Which world body (Inter-government organisation) started this event?

Ans – United Nations

4) The Red Square is considered the central square of which Russian city?

Ans – Moscow

5) Manipur is one of the 7 Sister states of north-east India. After Independence, in the north-east, Manipur and Tripura where princely states. Manipur became an Indian state today (21st September) in which year?

Ans -1949

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