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Amazon Vivo Quiz Answers – 2020

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Amazon Vivo Quiz Answers – 2020, Now Amazon is again back with another Quiz time.

In today’s Quiz time Amazon is offering Vivo U10 smartphone Quiz. This Quiz is valid only for today so follow the below steps and avail this quiz.

Winners of this Quiz will be announced soon. You can check winners list from here

Amazon Vivo Quiz Answers



Amazon Vivo Quiz Answers –

Amazon 29th December Quiz Answers –

1) In October who broke Don Bradman’s record of highest average in Test cricket on home soil? (His average has reduced since)

Ans – Rohit Sarma

2)Which CEO topped the list of Fortune’s Business person of the Year 2019?

Ans – Satya Nandella

3) What was climbed for the final time in October 2019 in Australia? (It has been closed for climbers since)

Ans – Uluru

4) Which Indian structure featured in Time’s 2019 list of 100 greatest places in the world?

Ans – Statue of unity

5) Which of these cricketers led India to its first World Cup final in the 21st Century?

Ans – saurav ganguly

Amazon 24th July Quiz Answers –

1) What was author Mark Twain’s real name?

Ans – Samuel Langhorne Clemens

2) Bihu is a harvest festival that is celebrated thrice in a year. In which state of India does this festival originate?

Ans – Assam

3) In the newest Marvel film, Spiderman: Far from home, what is the name of the supervillain who has mind-manipulating powers?

Ans – Mysterio

4) India has won 2 ODI Cricket World Cups so far – once in 1983, and the second in 2011. Who did they play the finals against in 2011?Cricket World Cups so far – once in 1983, and the second in 2011. Who did they play the finals against in 2011?

Ans – Sri Lanka

5) The Halley’s comet orbits the sun every 75-76 years. When will it be visible next from earth?

Ans – 2061

Amazon 19th June Answers –

1) During the British Raj, a now widely-recognized monument was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and the Queen Mary to Bombay. Which monument is it?

Ans- Gateway of India

2) Which of the following is NOT a form of carbon?

Ans- Glass

3) In the world of sports, the Dronacharya award is given to _____. Fill in the blank.

Ans- Sports coaches

4) Which is the largest blood vessel in the human body?

Ans- Aorta

5) The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 and saw 11 participating countries. Which country played the host for the games?

Ans- Canada

Amazon 9th June Answers –

1) The world’s highest polling station can be found in Himachal Pradesh and it has 49 registered voters. Where is it located?

Ans –  Tashigang

2) Which animal made a comeback on the Versova beach in Mumbai, after almost 15 years, when the beach was cleaned up by the efforts of the residents?

Ans – Olive Ridley Turtles

3) In technology terms, the prefix ‘Giga’ is used to denote a factor of one million.

Ans – False

4) The Indian Navy has teamed up with the government to launch the first ever underwater museum in India. Where will this museum be launched?

Ans – Pondicherry

5) ______ will be the first Indian state to ban food delivery without a valid hygiene rating.

Ans – Punjab

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