AppNana App: Earn Gift Vouchers For Free | Invitation Code

AppNana Invitation Code: Here, I will speak about a new earning platform named AppNana.

After installing this AppNana platform, you will get the following benefits:

  • 10,400 nana point on signup.
  • 2500 nana point on inviting friends.
  • Redeemable into a gift voucher.
  • And many benefits.

In fact:

Till now, I have collected more than 10,000 nana points into the AppNana wallet.

appnana gift

Do you want to earn gift vouchers for free?

Let’s try this new platform!

AppNana is a new earning platform where users can earn various gift vouchers after completing tasks.

It consists of various rewards likes Google play store, iTunes, Steam, Amazon, Xbox, GTA Xbox one, GTA shark, and many more.

What type of tasks does AppNana provide for its users?

It provides various app install tasks such as policy bazaar, Goibibo travel app, CoinSwitch, lords mobile, and castle clash.

Have you ever heard about the AppNana platform and its new nana reward points? What did you say? No. Then here is what you need to know.

Nana is a new type of currency reward point which can be used only in the AppNana platform for redeeming the gift vouchers.

And also, the users will get Free nana points after watching the video offers.

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Do you want to install this AppNana platform on your device?

Then follow the below terms carefully.

appnana invitation code

AppNana Invitation Code Terms:

1. Earn Gift Vouchers For Free | Refer and Earn

1) The users will get 400 nanas + 10,000 nana points when they complete registration with a new email address.

2) If the referee uses the AppNana invitation code, the referrer will get 2500 nana points on each successful referrer.

3) 30,000 nanas equal to 0.60 euro and it redeems only on the gift vouchers.

4) The minimum redemption is 30,000 nanas and a maximum redemption of 480,000 nanas.

5) The users will get 400 nanas points every day as a daily bonus.

How to Earn Gift Vouchers For Free:

1) Firstly, visit the Google play store and search AppNana in the top search bar.

2) Secondly, open the AppNana app and make a new profile ID.

3) After that, tap on the register/login option from the top right corner.

4) Next, enter your email address and the password (it should be strong).

5) After that, you will receive an important message about the email address.

6) Next, open the get nanas option and use this AppNana invitation code: s33301334

appnana code

7) Now, you will get your reward bonus in the form of nana points.

8) Now, go to the reward section and check your reward.

9) After that, select and complete any task to fill your app wallet with nana points.

10) Now, redeem the gift voucher using the nana point.

11) After redeeming the gift voucher, use it on platforms like Amazon and Google play store.

How to Share the AppNana Invitation Code:

1) You have to open the AppNana app on your smartphone to share the invite code.

2) Next, tap on the invite option from the top bar page.

appnana invite

3) Now, copy your AppNana invitation code by tapping on the clipboard and use the below social options to share the invitation link.

4) Next, you will get 2500 nana points after completion of referral.


Earn free nana points and redeem gift vouchers for free.

How many nana points did you collect from the AppNana platform?

Tell me in the comment section and get these free recharge offers.

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