Attapoll Survey: Get PayPal Cash on Completing Tasks

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Attapoll Survey: In this survey post, I will tell you about a new dollar-earning platform named Attapoll.

After joining the Attapoll platform, you will get many surveys with an exclusive reward:

  • PayPal cash on tasks.
  • Amazon & Flipkart Gift Card.
  • Complete tasks and earn dollars.
  • And many more.


I have played unlimited tasks on the Attapoll and earned a US Dollar reward of more than 20 and below the proof.

Attapoll rewards

Do you want to try this earning platform? If yes, so listen that you need to spend some time and keep patience.

Now, start this survey service!

Attapoll is a British international company that provides multiple surveys for every user after activating the account on it.

However, the users will get a survey on exciting topics related to business, markets, entertainment, and more.

Every survey is paid survey, which means users will get some reward in the form of US dollars. On the other hand, users will be notified when the survey is added to their accounts.

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Are you excited to move ahead into the below steps to follow them? Then jump down and get the benefits.

Attapoll Survey Answers

Attapoll Survey Terms:

1. Get PayPal Cash on Completing Tasks

1) Users need to activate the Attapoll window or app to start making tasks and earn rewards.

2) Survey is updated every day, and users have to complete it to earn dollars.

3) The Survey contains multiple questions, and you need to give answers to all of them, then you can win the rewards.

4) To complete a survey, the US dollar will credit to the user’s Attapoll app wallet, and they can redeem it.

5) There is no minimum redemption limit; you can redeem via PayPal, invest in cryptocurrency, or donate to any organization.

6) Also, there is no limit to completing the survey, but every survey will end on a single day.

How to Avail Attapoll Survey Answers:

1) Firstly, tap on the Attapoll website to check the IOS or Google play store link to download it.

2) Download the Attapoll app on your smartphone and open it to start creating a new account.

3) Thirdly, click on the Google account and select the existing Google account to log in.

4) If you does not have any account, then open it or log in (email and password) to the Attapoll.

5) Now, you are a member of the Attapoll and go to the setting to enter this referral code: tfobn

6) Return to the homepage and visit the survey section to start, and you will go to the next page.

7) Now, answer every question and complete it to earn and go to the following survey.

8) When you complete this survey, the earned dollar reward will be credited to your account.

9) Your earned money is safe in the Attapoll wallet, and then go to the wallet section to redeem it in your bank account.

10) If you need money in your bank account, then choose the PayPal option and request to redeem cash.

11) Use your activated PayPal email address, and then you can redeem it.


Join the Attapoll platform and start a survey to get rewards.

How much money did you earn from Attapoll to your bank account?

Share the redeeming amount with us and click to check the free recharge offers page link.

Attapoll Survey FAQs:

How long does Attapoll take to pay?

When you request on Attapoll to redeem your money, then it takes up to 2 days to credit into a bank account.

Does Attapoll have paid surveys?

Attapoll does not take any charges of surveys while it give back money to the users account.

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