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beFITTER Referral Code: Today, I will discuss a new fitness and social app named beFITTER.

Install this beFITTER app from Android and receive the following gains:

  • 1 BUSD on inviting friends.
  • 1 BUSD on a new account.
  • Complete tasks and earn.
  • And more gains.

To be sure:

From beFITTER, I have earned 2 BUSD to the app wallet and saved for adding to the crypto wallet.

Claimed beFitter reward

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beFITTER is a fitness and social app where you can perform some tasks online and earn a reward in the form of crypto coins.

From beFITTER, you can get Bitcoin, Ether, Tether or other coin rewards. It gives you a digital customer with digital shoes to end up your running tasks.

Under the refer and earn program, you can receive massive rewards by calling your friends to invite them.

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Follow the below refer terms and read the steps carefully to follow them.

  beFITTER referral code

beFITTER Referral Code Terms:

1. Get 1 BUSD on Referring Friends | Refer and Earn

1) When new user register on the beFITTER app and complete the given tasks, they will get 1 BUSD successfully.

2) On the referee using the referrer code to the beFITTER app, the referrer will receive again 1 BUSD in the app wallet.

3) Users cannot redeem their rewards directly to the bank; they have to transfer them first to the digital wallet.

4) A maximum referral limit is 200 to earn 2BUSD, and after 200 referrals, you can make 3BUSD.

5) Every user who signs up to beFITTER must complete running, cycling or walking tasks.

beFITTER Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppbeFITTER
beFITTER Referral codeM18418Z1
App LinkbeFITTER
Sign up Bonus1 BUSD
Referral Bonus1 BUSD

How to Avail of the Signup Reward:

1) Firstly, visit the Google play store and search for the beFITTER app to download it.

2) After downloading the app on your device, click to open it and complete your online registration first.

3) Then, proceed for next to enter the email address, verification code, unique username, password, and referral code.

4) Apply this beFITTER referral code: M18418Z1

befitter code

5) Also, set your profile picture and submit your entities > now, you will get a free trial pack of beFITTER.

6) Now, move to your profile page and check your wallet, here, you need to create your digital wallet or link with it.

7) Wallet will be linked, and then go to the track quest page to monitor your tasks by cycling, running, or to walk.

8) After face KYC verification, you will get your reward in the app wallet.

9) Now, check your wallet once you get the minimum amount to transfer to the digital wallet.

How to Share the beFITTER Referral Code:

1) Go to the beFITTER app by tapping on it and see all the refer sections.

2) After that, you see a profile button, click to open it, and finally, find the invite friends option.

beFITTER invite friends

3) Visit this refer option to get a beFITTER referral code or link.

4) Then send this code with your buddies via social channels.


Join this beFITTER and use it for earning purposes.

How much BUSD reward did you gain from this beFITTER platform?

Comment to me about your reward section and ask for the free recharge offers.

beFITTER Referral Code FAQs:

Is beFITTER fitness app?

Somewhere we can say that it relates with the Fitness platform, so use it without hesitation.

How can I earn from beFITTER?

You will earn from the beFITTER by doing some daily routine tasks or referring friends.

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