Bitdefender Free Trial: Get Service 90 Days for Free

Bitdefender Free Trial: In this post, I am bringing a new offer deal for you, which is Bitdefender.

Secure your platform with Bitdefender and get the below benefits:

  • Free Trial of Bitdefender.
  • 90 days of free access to Bitdefender.
  • Subscription at Rs 0.
  • And more benefits.

Which security are you using to secure your Laptop or Computer devices? Is there something unique and do not want to explain?

Bitdefender reward

So don’t worry. Now, if you want to choose this service for free. Then read to know about it!

Bitdefender is a cybersecurity technology company that provides you with security to keep your device safe, either Laptop or Desktop.

Also, it is an international firm located in Bucharest, Romania, but it operates its service in many countries.

Currently, Bitdefender is bringing good news for its customers as it extends the free trial period for 90 days so that customers can use its free service.

However, the users do not have to pay any charge for this subscription.

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Read the steps below and continue using them. Also, read the offer terms before availing of the free trial offer.

Bitdefender Free Trial

Bitdefender Free Trial Terms:

1. Get Service 90 Days for Free

1) The new users will get a free trial for 90 days from the Bitdefender platform, and no coupon code is needed for this offer.

2) When users visit Bitdefender under the offer period and pay, they get a free trials service.

3) Also, this offer is applicable once per user, and only the registered customers can take this service.

4) The Bitdefender team launched this free trial service for a limited time, so take benefits before the expiry date.

5) Also, if users have not activated this subscription in the last three months, they can only activate the free subscription.

How to Avail of the Bitdefender Free Trials:

1) First of all, tap on the Bitdefender website link from the given page or check this mobile security app.

2) Bitdefender has launched an Android app for Android users so that they can manage this service with their mobile app.

3) Go back to the main page and choose the login function from there or click on the Bitdefender offer link.

4) Then, a form will be opened, and you need to enter the valid email address, which is its active form.

5) After verifying your account and landing on the next signup page, enter your name and confirm your email and password.

6) Once you hit submit and confirm your detail, your free subscription will be activated for 90 days.

7) When you move to the dashboard after logging in, then click on my subscription section from the side menu bar.

8) You can see your Bitdefender license date from where you can manage your subscriptions.

9) This is your subscription, and check other offers on the Bitdefender platform.

10) If you want to browse this service for your desktop, go to the dashboard and install the desktop app.

11) After the expiration of the service, continue this security by paying some amount with digital payment.


Activate your Bitdefender account and get a free trial of 90 days.

Which device do you have, Laptop or a Desktop?

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Bitdefender Free Trial FAQs:

Does Bitdefender have a free trial?

Bitdefender offers this free trial service for 30 days, 90 days, and more. Sometimes, it offers 30-day validity or 90-day validity.

How can I get free Trial?

You can get free trial of Bitdefender after adding the correct information with it.

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