BitPax App: Get $15 on Signup | Referral Code

BitPax Referral Code: In this post, I will discuss a new crypto trading platform named BitPax.

Download this BitPax app, and get all the below rewards:

  • $15 on new registration.
  • Free 5 BPAX coins.
  • More BPAX coins on referring.
  • And many more.

In fact:

I have earned a few BPAX coins from the BitPax app.

Do you want to earn free dollars and BPAX coins from the BitPax app?

Let’s begin to start!

BitPax is a new type of platform that provides free dollars and BPAX coins on signup and referrals.

bitpax page

Mainly it is available in various countries such as India, Germany, French, England, Malaysia, Macao, USA, and many more.

The users will get $ 15 on signup, but they have to keep the app for 300 days because they will get a 1% every day of signup bonus.

Furthermore, you can buy, sell and store Bitcoin, altcoins (ETH, LTC, MXR, XRP, and more), as well as FIAT currencies (USD, EUR).

What is FIAT currency?

The government issues FIAT currency. That means you can also trade with real cash currencies.

Suppose you take product packages like basic, standard, gold, advance, ultimate, platinum, diamond, and ruby. Then you will take a free coin, binary bonus, direct bonus but the registration fee is $10.

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Do you want to use this BitPax platform on your smartphone?

Then follow the terms carefully. bitpax referral code

BitPax Referral Code Terms:

1. Get $15 on Signup | Refer and Earn

1) If a new member fills the BitPax registration form immediately, they will get $15 and 5 BPX coins.

2) If the referee enters the BitPax referral code during signup, the referrer will get some BPAX coins.

3) The user can use the signup and referral bonus to invest in the crypto trade.

4) This platform takes a 5% charge from the user if they withdraw the Bit Pax platform amount.

5) 5 BPAX coins value is $ 50, and 1 dollar price into INR is 72.65.

How to Get $15 on Signup:

1) Firstly, go to the BitPax website from the offer link or download the app.

2) Secondly, tap on the register button from the right top corner.

3) Thirdly, enter your full name, email id, password or suggested password, and referral code.

4) Next, apply this Bit Pax referral code: P4975641

5) Now, press the submit button to send your details to the BitPax platform.

6) After that, you will get some portion of the signup bonus to the app wallet.

7) Now, open the digital wallet and add some money to your bank account.

8) Next, you can start investing in cryptocurrency.

9) After that, you can check the stock prices every day.

1o) When stock price increases, sell it immediately, and your money will deliver within some days.

11) Lastly, use your bank account number to withdraw all the money from this BitPax platform.

How to Share the BitPax Referral Code:

1) Now, share your referral code > tap on the Bit Pax app icon on your smartphone.

2) After that, click on the menu button from the top right corner.

bitpax referral link

3) To open the refer and earn section, press the given button from the menu bar.

4) Now, copy your Bit Pax referral link and share it with friends on social media platforms.

BitPax Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppBitPax
BitPax Referral codeP4975641
App LinkBitPax
Sign up Bonus$ 15
Referral Bonus$ 50


Want to get more dollars, then use this BitPax platform.

How many dollars did you earn till now from this BitPax platform?

Share your comments in the comment section below and check these free recharge offers.

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