How to Block or Deactivate Jio SIM Online

How to Block or Deactivate Jio SIM Online: In this article, I am going to cover the Reliance Jio SIM card blocking or deactivation process step by step.

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I used the below-mentioned methods to block my own Reliance Jio SIM cards in early 2020.

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As you already know, Jio has become the biggest operator in the country and still expanding its services.

Even, in the recent update of the My Jio app, the company has changed its app tag line to “For Everything Jio”. From here you can imagine the vision of the conglomerate.

As mentioned above, In this article I am going to tell you some methods using which you can block or deactivate your Jio SIM card.

The methods include distinct steps that you need to follow in order to block your Jio SIM card.

However, all the methods to block Jio SIM cards are really very simple and you can easily follow them without having much technical knowledge.

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Block Jio SIM

How to Block or Deactivate Jio SIM?

Block Jio SIM Online: Method One

1) First of all Goto Jio website and then select the Mobility option by clicking on the Explore option.

Jio Mobility

2) Now on the top menu you will find the sign-in option.

3) Click on it and then click on the Mobile > Enter your Jio SIM number and then enter a one-time password > submit.

Jio Signin

4) Now click on the setting gear ICON and then click on service settings > Suspend and resume option.

5) Now select a reason to suspend your service as “SIM/device lost” > Click on submit > Suspend.

Jio Suspend Services

6) Now you will get a message on your screen as “Your request has been submitted successfully and will reflect in your service after 15 minutes”.

Deactivate Jio SIM by Calling: Method Two

1) First of all open your smartphone phone app and then dial this 199 or 198 number using the keypad.

2) When you call the above number then you get an Interactive voice response (IVR).

3) Listen to the response and try to connect with the Jio customer care executive.

4) Once you get connected to the executive, ask them to block your Jio SIM mobile number, and also provide a valid reason behind the number blocking.

5) The Jio store executive might ask you about your details such as Aadhar card number, email, address, SIM card owner date of birth, SIM card owner name, and so on.

6) While verifying your identity on the call, make sure to tell the correct information or the executive might not block your number.

7) After confirming all the details, the customer care executive will block your Jio SIM  within a few minutes.

8) You can also ask the customer care executive to block your Jio SIM card mobile number temporarily or permanently.

Block Card Offline: Method Three

1) Firstly search this on Google “Nearby Jio store” and then select and nearby store and note the address or use google maps to reach the store location.

2) If you already know any Jio store location nearby you then don’t make a search on Google and directly visit the store.

3) Thirdly ask the store manager or any other Jio executive to block your Jio SIM card mobile number.

4) Then the Jio executive will ask you the reason behind blocking, then tell them that you lost your SIM card.

5) Make sure to carry identity proof in your pocket for the reason that the executive might ask you about your Identity.

6) Within a few minutes your SIM card will be blocked by the Jio executive.

7) You can also ask them to provide a new sim card with the same number or any other mobile number.

Block By Number: Method Four

1) If you don’t have your Jio number on your phone and you want to block your SIM card then call on this number 1800 88 99999 through any other mobile number.

2) Secondly listen to the IVR and try to connect with the customer care executive.

3) Once you are connected to customer care, ask them to block your Jio mobile number.

4) Then provide them a specific reason behind blocking and also provide them your Aaddhar card & other document details

5) Now provide them any of your alternate numbers and ask them to intimate you once the SIM gets blocked

6) Now disconnect the call and wait for the SIM card blocking SMS on your alternate mobile number.

7) In most cases the SIM card gets blocked within a few minutes.

How to UnBlock Jio Card?

1) To Unblock your Jio SIM dial this number 199 or 198 from any Jio SIM card using your Phone app.

2) After that call on the number from any SIM and then try to connect to the Jio customer care.

3) Tell them about your Jio SIM card Mobile number was previously blocked and now you want to resume the Jio service on your previous number or want to unblock your card.

4) Now they will ask you about the documents which were registered along with the mobile number

5) Provide them all the details correctly such as Aadhar card, Father’s name, date of birth, or anything else.

6) After verifying your documents they will unblock your SIM card and then you can continue enjoying your operator services.

7) You can also unblock your Jio SIM card through the Jio website.

8) Open the website in your browser and log in with your email ID and password.

9) Then click on the setting icon on the top > service settings >resume option.

Jio Suspend Services

10) Now within a few minutes your SIM card services will start again like earlier.

How to Get the Same Jio Number?

1) To get the same Jio mobile number you have to again visit the nearby Jio store.

2) This time tell the Jio executive that you need a new sim card with the same mobile number.

3) Also, tell them about your earlier blocked Jio mobile number.

4) To verify the lost/blocked Jio sim card owner identity the executive will ask you about your documents.

5) Now provide them the same documents which you had given earlier.

6) Make sure to carry all the old documents with yourself before visiting the Jio store.

7) This new sim card process can’t be done online so you have to visit the Jio store.

8) The Jio store executive will charge some amount of around Rs 100 for a new card.

9) The new card will be activated within 48 hours.

10) In case if you have your old Old SIM card then use the above-given Jio sim unblocking method.

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