How to Block Number In Jio Phone

How to Block Number In Jio Phone: In this article, I am going to tell you about the Jio phone mobile number blocking and unblocking process step-by-step.

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I purchased a Jio Phone recently and successfully tested out the number blocking methods.

Block Number In Jio Phone

Do you want to also want to know how to block incoming calls on the Jio phone?

Then Let’s jump straight into this article!

Jio is one of the biggest internet service providers in India, and a few years ago Jio launched its budget Jio phone at a price of Rs 1500.

Due to the smaller screen of the Jio Phone, most people face difficulty in blocking the incoming, outgoing, and specific mobile number.

However, sometimes it becomes more wired when the device operating system lags.

Moreover, there are some methods using which you can block a number in your Jio Phone one and in your Jio Phone 2 without putting much effort into the Jio Phone keypad.

Even, I tried these methods many times and now I can block any incoming or outgoing mobile number without looking on the Jio phone screen.

Are you also facing contact blocking or number blocking problems in your Jio phone?

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How to Block a number in Jio phone? Are you excited to know about this?

Then follow the below-given steps and read out how to Block number in Jio phone in simple steps.

How to Block Number In Jio Phone

How to Block Number in Jio Phone:

Block Number Using Jio Chat: Method One

1) First of all, pick up your Jio phone and then unlock it by pressing & holding the * key.

2) Skip the unlocking process, if your phone is already unlocked.

3) Now click on the top key using the keypad given above the OK button.

4) The turn-on your Jio phone mobile data and then wait for a second.

5) After turning on the data, click on the back button (Red Key).

6) Now click on the OK button and look for Jio chat dark blue color Icon.

7) Then click on the right-hand side key (Given above the Red key).

8) Now Jio chat options will appear on your Jio Phone screen.

9) Click on the download key and then open the “Setting” option.

10) After that, click on the “Security and Privacy” option.

11) Then click on the blocked contact option and then add some new contact numbers.

12) You have successfully blocked your contact list numbers.

13) Using the above you can block an unknown number.

14) To block an unknown number, firstly you have to save the number in your contact list.

15) These steps will not work if you are using your Jio phone on Wi-Fi.

16) These steps will only work in Jio Phone 1 and in Jio Phone 2.

Block Number Using Jio Security: Method Two

1) Blocking numbers through the Jio security app will only work Jio Phone 3 which works on the Android operating system.

2) Before blocking any Jio number or any other operator number in the Jio Phone 3 make sure to enable the mobile data.

3) Now, tap on the Jio security app icon from the Jio Phone 3 Home screen.

4) Then, swipe through the app screen and locate the Device screen.

5) Now click on the call blocking feature under the Device screen.

6) After that, under the “Blocklist” tab click on the “Block all unknown callers” option.

7) Now select all the unknown numbers or saved contacts from your contact list to block all the incoming calls and SMS.

8) You can repeat the 7th step to block other unknown numbers from your list.

9) You can also block your alternate number to check the feature on your Jio phone.

10) Using the Jio Security app you can edit the name or number of a person.

How to Unblock Number in Jio Phone

Unblock Number Using Jio Chat: Method One

1) First of all turn on your Mobile data and then open the Jiochat app.

2) Then click on the options > Settings > Security and Privacy.

3) Now open the blocked contact list and then select a number which you want to unblock.

4) After selecting the number delete it from the blocked list.

5) You have successfully unlocked a contact number from the blocked list.

6) The above-given steps will only work in Jio Phone 1 and Jio Phone 2

Unblock Number Using Jio Security: Method Two

1) To Unblock a contact number in Jio phone 3 opens the Jio Security app by tapping on its icon.

2) Then swipe up and locate the device screen > click on the call blocking option.

3) Now tap on the “Blocklist” tab and then click on the “Block all unknown callers” option.

4) After that, select a number that you want to remove or delete from the blocked list.

5) After that save the list and you have successfully unblocked a number.

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