Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps: Get 10+ Diamond Earning Apps

Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps: In this blog post, I will introduce all free diamond earning apps for the Free Fire game.

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I have tried many of the below apps for free fire diamond, but only a few (two or three) are left for using it.

How many types of apps have you heard that are providing a diamond for the Free Fire? If you do not hear about any of the below-earning apps.

Then it is great news because you will know many things about these apps freely. The absolute truth of the new century is that most the things are available in digital form,

And in the future, there will be more platforms available which will provide you a more reward like cashbacks, coins, Paytm cash, vouchers, discount coupons, and many more.

But the right time is that you have to try the below free apps for earning purposes. Before that, you must learn a few things about the Free Fire app.

Free Fire App Review:

The word “Free Fire” has come from the most significant firm named 11dots studio. 11dot Studio is an international multiplayer video gaming company that launches a unique and fabulous game every three or five years.

Garena Free Fire or Free Fire is one of the free mobile gaming apps published in India in 2019, and not only in India, but it has launched its gaming platform all over the countries.

It is similar to other video games (PUBG battleground, Call of Duty, Frostpunk, Minecraft, The forest, Rust, and The Long dark), providing more fun/entertainment. Free Fire genres are battle royale games, shooter video games, and survival games.

Now the thing is, you need to buy or earn diamonds, and there are only a few percent chances that you can get them. But I have a solution to all possibilities, and the answers to these solutions are given below.

The fact is that all are open for every user, and they can use it hassle-free without paying any charges.

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So, let’s start jumping to the below section to get in-depth information about Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps.

Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps

Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps:

A few are the earning apps, which I have described below with all the necessary information and the appropriators have to spend a little time using them.

Make a diamonds for Free Fire app every day with every given below applications, and all apps are free available on Google.

1. mGamer 

mGamer Free Diamond Earning apps

mGamer, I think you have not heard about this app. It is the first and best diamond earning platform that allows the players to make diamonds, Paytm cash, or coins.

It is available in many countries, and somewhere its services are banned because of the government policies. To start earning, you have to check its app downloading link.

1) Tap on the mGamer website link or download the app from the Google play store.

2) Then, open the signup form and start creating an account online with the Phone number, Email ID, and referral code: ODW3d6lfHF

3) Now, you can use the signup bonus to redeem diamonds.

2. dGamer 

Dgamer free diamond earning apps

dGamer, I thought you were thinking that the mGamer and dGamer are similar but let me tell you, these both are the different platforms.

dGamer is an online earning app that allows users to earn reward coins, and it is an Indian platform available on the Google play store so that you can download it easily and quickly.

1) Go through this Dgamer app link to visit the play store and download the app > then signup with the unique details.

2) Also, use this dGamer referral code: 454WBF

3) Then, submit your details to earn reward points and convert them into diamond rewards.

3. Joy Wallet

Joy Wallet Apps

Joy Wallet, the meaning of Joy wallet is that the user’s wallet is filled with happiness, and to be happier, users have to wait a time after using it.

It is similar to different platforms, but easy and quick access is higher than others. Also, its updated version is available on the Android store, where you can install it without hesitation.

1) Click on the Joy Wallet link from the given page to install it on your device and create an account.

2) Continue with existing accounts and use Joy wallet referral code: JWAEKRR

3) After signup, you will receive reward coins and use them to earn real rewards like diamonds.

4. TOTO Rewards

Toto Rewards Apps

TOTO Rewards app, as clearly by its name, will provide you a reward of Paytm cash, diamonds, or PayPal cash. It is a multitasking earning platform where you can earn unlimited.

Every user whom signup on the TOTO Rewards platform will receive a TOTO coin, and users can use it to play the game and earn real money.

1) Press the TOTO Reward app link from the page to download its free app.

2) After that, continue with Facebook and also use this code: TOT43854

3) After signup, you will earn TOTO rewards, use them to play the game, and earn real money. So you can use it to buy Free Fire diamonds.

More Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps:

5. CashNGifts Diamond Earning Apps

Cashngifts free diamond earning apps

CashNGifts is an Indian platform that provides you the ways of earning on its app. It is a free application available on the Google play store and offers cash and vouchers.

It is an alternative to diamond earning apps which provide a free diamond service for all users, who are always ready for free earnings.

1) Just click on the CashNGifts Google play link to visit the Android store and download its app.

2) Then, signup with your email, password, and referral code: 7BdR8ZEY

3) Now, ready to earn a commission on friends and welcome reward on activating the account.

6. Cashout Rewards Diamond Earning Apps

Cashout App

Cashout Rewards is an online app where users can earn free coins after a new account and receive welcome rewards. On the new signup, you will make some coins.

These coins reward is usable only on the Cashout platform for prizes such as PayPal cash, Amazon voucher, and Free Fire diamond.

1) Just press the Cashout Rewards web link from the given page, and you will automatically land on the next page.

2) After that, open your free account with the unique details and submit to earn coins.

3) Then go to the reward section and redeem a suitable reward, which is beneficial on the Free Fire app.

7. Swagbucks Diamond Earning Apps

Swagbucks App

Swagbucks is another platform to earn diamonds online where users have to perform tasks like surveys so that you can make as much as you complete tasks.

Every completion of tasks, you will get the SB coins to the wallet, and you can redeem them into the various rewards.

1) Just click on the Swagbucks link and save time searching for it, the app will download on your smartphone.

2) Open the signup form and enter the email ID, password, and referral code: 101791624

3) You will now get SB coins, and when you get more, convert them into the real diamond rewards.

8. Winzo Gold 

Winzo Gold App

Winzo Gold is the first platform where the users can earn free cash as a welcome bonus, and they can use it on this Winzo Gold app to play various games and win real money.

This real money can use on the Winzo Gold to convert into the Free Fire diamonds.

1) Firstly, click on the Winzo Gold app link from the Google play store on your smartphone.

2) Then, open it and make an account using your mobile number, OTP, and referral code: TECDCAE4

3) Next, earn coins and use them to play free games > then convert them into the diamond rewards.

9. Gift Play 

Gift Play Apps

Gift Play is similar to other platforms, which is available on the Google play store, and users can use it to earn free credits and convert them into exclusive rewards.

1) As simple as that, just tap on the Gift Play app link to download it freely, then open its signup page.

2) Then, fill in the details like name, mobile number, password, and more.

3) Once you earn free coins, spend diamonds provided by the Gift Play platform in the right place.

Other Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps:

10. Lucky Spin FF Diamond

Lucky Spin FF Diamond App

Lucky Spin FF Diamond is an Android app known for providing diamond rewards for Free Fire users, and users have to spin the wheel using coins.

Users will get these coins after new signup, and also they can earn from tasks like Daily check-in, Get spin chance, Lucky Spin wheel, and more.

1) Similarly, click the link to download the Lucky Spin FF Diamond app from the Android store.

2) Then, signup with the valid credentials and save these details for future log-in.

3) Once you get the huge amount, then convert it into the diamond rewards.

11. Royal Pass  

Royal Pass App

Royal Pass is a mobile application that provides an opportunity for users to get free game credits. After opening an account on it, users will get a free game credit.

These game credits will convert into an exclusive reward like Pubg, CoDCP, and Free Fire Diamonds.

1) First, click on the Royal Pass Android or Royal Pass IOS app link to download it on your phone.

2) Then, signup with valid credentials and earn free credits, credit will go to the wallet.

3) Now, convert all these credits into the Free Fire diamonds.

12. Booyah 

Booyah App

Booyah is a popular online gaming streaming platform that runs various online videos across the nation users, and many people are currently using it to chat with each other.

On this platform, various online contests are running every day, and you have to participate in this platform, and then you can earn free diamonds.

1) Get the Booyah website link from this page, visit the platform personally, and open your account.

2) Then, log in to your account with the existing Google of Free Fire account or open it with individual Google accounts.

3) After that, participate in any contests and stand a chance to get a reward in the form of diamonds.


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Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps FAQs:

Which are the best Free Fire diamond earning apps?

All are the best apps which I have described in this blog posts, but you are more exciting to know the best, then mGamer, dGamer, and Royal Pass is the best.

Can I use CashNGifts to earn diamond?

Yes, you can use the CashNGifts platform to earn diamond, but you can not purchase the diamonds directly from there.

Does Booyah app give you diamonds?

Yes, the Booyah app also provides a diamonds, and where the users have to watch clip or videos or participate into a contest to earn diamonds.

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