How To Enable Volte – Top Methods For Android & IOS

How To Enable Volte – Top Methods For Android & IOS, Nowadays Android devices are the first choice of a user when they went nearby stores in their locality to purchase mobile phones they always put android devices their first priority. However IOS, Blackberry is their second, third priority.

If are searching for how to enable Volte feature in your Android device or IOS device then you are at right place continue reading below.

Android OS based smartphones are better than IOS based operating system? In my perspective neither Android is good nor IOS is better, both of the operating systems is better at their own places.

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On If you are completely noob or doesn’t know much about smartphones then I recommend you to go for Android devices, but if you an advanced user like to take selfies and can afford IOS devices then I Recommend you to purchase IOS operating devices like Apple iPhones.

Both of the operating systems come with VOLTE feature support so you don’t need to worry much about this, Furthermore, you will not get VOLTE support feature below apple iPhone 6 and below Android 5.0 Lollipop.

How to enable volte

What is VOLTE? The full form of VOLTE is Voice over Long-Term Evolution it is used for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals, In simple words the term VOLTE meaning that voice over 4G LTE, it is the data-only networking technology in which digital packet is transmitted over an IP through an LTE access network. In India, Jio is the first telecom company who bought this technology.

How to Enable Volte Feature – 

Android Devices – 

Method one – 

1. Open Your smartphone by tapping the Power button

2. Goto Menu and open setting option.

3. Scroll down and head to select Network setting.

4. Then look for VOLTE option over there.

5. Click on it and allow permission if asked.

Method Two –

1. Pick your smartphones in your hands.

2. Open your dialer app with receiver icon.

3. Open dial pad and dial *#*#4636#*#*.

4. Now click on Phone information.

5. Then select or turn on VoLTE Provisioned Flag.

6. Now hold the power button for 3 seconds > click on reboot/restart.

7. Your smartphone now supports VOLTE feature.

8. If VOLTE feature is not enabled then follow method one given above.

Above code works for almost every smartphone if it doesn’t work then comment your smartphone name below.

Method Three – 

1. Download SQL editor app from Android market Here

2. Install and open the app

3. Goto files tab then select data and open com. android providers.settings databases.

4. In database select Settings.db then make a search for Volte_feature_disabled.

5. Change its valid with the help of SQL editor app from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1.

6. That’ it! Hold the power button for 3 seconds then click on restart.

Note – Method three which is given above works only on rooted devices.

IOS Devices –

The only brand which provides IOS OS is only Apple in India, and there is only one method to enable Volte in Apple devices, there is another method too but it is not safe for any Apple iPhone device. so to enable Volte in IOS devices follows below-given procedure.

1. Turn on your iPhone by power button or by Thumb/fingerprint unlock.

2. Goto setting, select cellular.

3. Now select cellular data options, turn on volte.

4. In case, if voice and data off then click on turn on VOLTE

Some of the carriers enable this feature by default.

These are the methods to enable VoLTE in your smartphones, if any of the above-given methods don’t work in your smartphones then let us know in comments, I will add some alternate methods. A comment, share by you made our day!!

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