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ThopTV Alternatives: In this article/post, I will share all the information about the ThopTV platform.

After reading these articles, you will understand many more:

  • ThopTV description.
  • Alternatives of ThopTV.
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A few months ago, I used this platform to stream online entertainment content.

What platform did you use to stream the online service? If you do not hear about this digital service, then what did you done in your life because it is a free streaming app.

Most Indian people use this platform to watch content for free or without paying a single fee. Nonetheless, the streamers can use it after installing and registration.

ThopTV Description:

ThopTV is an Indian company founded by an Indian developer named Satish Venkateshwarlu. He opened its company in the 20th century for the viewers, who are always ready for the latest content like movies, shows, Etc.

However, if people want to use this digital streaming platform, they have to use the software to run it on their mobile device or desktop.

Yes, you can play this service on your desktop by using the emulators. ThopTV offers content of entertainment shows, serials, live cricket matches, TV shows, Bollywood & Hollywood movies, and many more.

The founder of ThopTV has been arrested by Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell for distributing pirated content on several channels for free. I was shocked after hearing this news.

That is why the Indian government has banned this company, and people can not use it legally.

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Before launching this firm, it has already published a guide where you can get all the features like installing ThopTV, online registration, ThopTV functions, and so on.

Alternatives of ThopTV

Nowadays, it is banned in India, but many alternatives of ThopTV are available on the Internet that provides free premium content.

Top ThopTV Alternatives:

1. Hotstar TV: First ThopTV Alternatives

            Hotstar image

Hotstar is an online streaming firm in India founded by Sunil Narayan, and who is the president of Star India. Currently, it is providing its service in four countries like USA, UK, India, and Canada.

Also, it is a free streaming platform that allows users to access TV channels (Star Plus, Star Bharat, HBO originals, Star World, Star sports), movies, sports, and Disney+.

Users can access the Hotstar service in different languages like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, English, Marathi, and Canada. Steps to use install Hotstar and use it.

1) Go to the Android store and install the Hotstar app on your mobile device.

2) Then, make online registration, and after that, you can access its free content anytime.

2. Oreo TV: Second ThopTV Alternatives

Oreo TV image

Oreo is not an eating item or biscuits instead, it is one of the best alternatives of ThopTV for streaming free videos of movies and live cricket matches. It has more than 6000+ television stations, and all are activated.

Only the registered members can access the Oreo TV features such as original live shows, TV, Dance shows, serials, Indian movies, and so on. I have discussed some of the few steps below to install this app.

1) Visit the google play store directly from your mobile device and download Oreo TV.

2) Then, you can access the service without registration, but after registration, you will get more accessibility.

3. Kodi TV: Third ThopTV Alternatives

Kodi TV image

Kodi TV is an open-source platform, or we can say that it is multiplayer multimedia, where the streamers can watch movies and TV shows and listen to music.

On the other hand, it has additional features like playing a game, sharing photos, and watching and recording live TV on any interface. It has launched for a range of devices and operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, etc.

Follow some of the steps to use it on any device, mobile or desktop, or laptop.

1) Just move to the google play store or IOS store and search for the Kodi TV, and it will appear on your home screen.

2) After opening it, you will jump to the dashboard, and also, you can watch easily after opening an account.

More ThopTV Alternatives:

4. LiveNet TV

Live Net TV image

LiveNet TV is an Indian telecommunication network where people can stream live channels for free. Akhlaq Boni founded it in 2016, and he spread its network across the nation.

Today, it has more than 800 channels and is available in 9 categories: Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Documentary, Cooking, Music, Kids, and religious. Now, follow the steps to join LiveNet TV and stream every day.

1) Visit the LiveNet TV website from the given link, and you will directly land on the homepage.

2) After that, download this app on your smartphone and start accessing it (no signup required).

5. Tea TV

Tea TV Net

Tea TV is another alternatives of ThopTV because it provides a free streaming service. This platform is found and designed by Fay Doyle, and he made this platform for Android, Firestick, and Fire TV users.

It provides features like ThopTV, and also, the users can watch news of different categories. Tea TV allows the users to watch content for free on their channel/medium.

1) Go to the Tea TV web page from the available offer URL and choose a link to download it.

2) Tea TV is available free to download, so click free to install it on your device and stream the video content.

6. AOS TV: Sixth Alternatives ThopTV

AOS TV image

AOS TV is a free streaming network that supports more than 100 channels, and it is kept in many countries like the USA, UK, India, Pakistan, France, Italy, and so on.

Like ThopTV, it also has many mediums where you can watch sports, drama, comedy, radio, movies, cartoons, and much more.

1) Firstly, move to the page and search for the AOS TV or tap on the link.

2) Now, find the download link and install it on your device > then, open any channels and stream on it.

Other ThopTV Alternatives:

7. HD Streamz TV

HD Streamz image

HD Streamz TV is the most popular streaming platform, where you can easy to use and personalize your favorite channels. It has been supported in many countries and is accessible on 1000+ channels.

However, it is the largest network in the streaming world which is available in India, Pakistan, Turkey, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. It has a no-signup process and no subscription (freely access).

1) Tap on this link and visit the HD Streamz TV website to access it.

2) Now, you will see many download links of different versions, select any of these and download them.

8. Redbox TV

Red Box image

Redbox TV is a public streaming channel launched by Gregg Kaplan in 2002. It is made for Android users, so they can download it and access the service for free.

Nonetheless, it has a library with of than 1000+ channels, and users can watch movies, sports, news, music, kids & family, and lifestyle shows. The best part of Redbox is that you do not have to buy a subscription.

1) Redbox is available on the Google play store, click on this link to download it.

2) After installing it, enable all your mobile permission and be ready to access the services

9. GoMax Live

GoMax Live TV

GoMax Live is one of the best streaming networks which is famous in India and international countries. Now the users can stream their trending videos, shows, horror movies, web series, serials, and more.

GoMax is another alternative to ThopTV as it offers free service, and users do not have to buy a subscription.

It is available in many languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Islamic, Christian, Bangla, and other regional language.

1) Open this URL and visit the GoMax Live app, and be ready for free to access it.

2) Then, it requires permission, so enable it and search or tap on any channels from the dashboard.

Best ThopTV Alternatives:

10. Mobdro TV

Mobdro TV image

Mobdro TV is the best streaming platform with a lot of entertainment media. On this platform has many free contents, and also users do not have to pay any subscription charges.

It has done its service in that way, which any user can use on multiple devices like Android, Firestick, Windows, and Roku. Follow some significant steps to use it and access it freely.

1) Users do not have to go anywhere because they can download the Mobdro TV app from the given link.

2) After installing the app, enable all the mobile permission and access any free channels.

11 Jio TV

Jio TV image

The best and most designed digital platform is Jio TV, which is alternatives of ThopTV. It is the best and largest streaming network and part of a media company with 600+ channels in 15+ languages.

Moreover, the streamers do not have to pay any amount because it has not had a subscription feature.

1) Firstly, go to the Jio TV website from the Offer Page or install its app in any mode.

2) Alternate, you can download its app from the Google play store > after that, access it directly or register an account.

12. UKTVNow

Uktv Now image

UKTVNow is a one-way direction where the user/customers can watch any TV channel for free. Yes, the users do not have to purchase any subscription to access it.

However, it is an alternative to ThopTV that provides free content of media channels. It has more fascinating channels like Discovery, BBC, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, etc.

1) Move to the UKTVNow webpage directly from the given link and download its old or new version.

2) After downloading the app, it needs your smartphone permission and accesses to it anytime.

Latest ThopTV Alternatives:

13. Pikashow TV

PikaShow alternatives

Pikashow TV has been offering a streaming service since 2014 with more than 40 platforms like Hotstar, Disney+, Sony Live, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many more.

Also, it is an alternatives of ThopTV where the users can watch Hollywood movies or web series anytime. Additionally, there will be no registration and no subscription.

1) First, click on the Pikashow TV app link to install its app from the given page.

2) Secondly, start this digital platform and access any available channels.

14. GHD Sports TV

GHD Sports alternatives

GHD Sports TV is another streaming service alternatives of the ThopTV, where the users can watch the live matches of cricket, Football, hockey, and NBA Live.

Its Android app is well designed as others, and many of the users can watch their favorite channels in HD view.

1) Press the GHD Sports TV app link from the Android store, and it automatically downloads it.

2) Now, you do not have to make a registration, so access all the channels directly.

15. Hulu TV

Hulu alternatives

Hulu TV is an American subscription-based streaming service with thousands of TV episodes and movies. However, it has a subscription feature and also, it is an alternatives of ThopTV, but users can access it for free.

Users can get endless entertainment channels, live sports, shows, movies, series, and much more. On the other hand, this platform is not for minors (less than 18).

1) Go to the Hulu TV website from the Offer Page or search the app from the Google play store.

2) After that, signup with a valid account and then open any channels from the dashboard.

More ThopTV Alternatives:

16. MX Player

Mx Player alternatives image

MX Player is the best Indian video streaming platform launched by MX Media & entertainment. Also, it has millions of users every day streaming the channels.

The users can watch free movies, TV shows, web shows, news, and listen to music on this platform. It has thousands of hours of video content available across 12 languages.

1) Get the MX Player webpage by hitting the link and visiting directly from here.

2) After that, log in with old account details or make a new online registration.

17. Showbox

Showbox alternatives image

Showbox is an alternatives to ThopTV because it provides free content to the users, and users can access all its services after installing it.

Effi Atad founded this firm and had many channels, and users can access all of these without any payments.

1) Tap on the Showbox web link from here, and you will land on the other page.

2) Now, scroll down the page and scan the QR code with mobile to download the app.


I hope you will be happy after using any of the alternatives of ThopTV.

Which streaming or media platform did you choose to use it?

You can tell me the name of any above and freely explore the free recharge offers.

Alternatives of ThopTV FAQs:

Why can't ThopTV connect to server?

I think you are using the old version of ThopTV, that is why, it is not working, get the new version and access it.

Is ThopTV charges to download?

No, there are no charges for downloading, you can install it for free, if it is working.

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