BSNL APN Settings: Best BSNL Internet Settings

BSNL APN Settings: In this article, I am going to tell you about the Best BSNL Internet Settings,

After using below APN settings for BSNL you will get below-given things:

  • Fast Internet connectivity.
  • BSNL APN settings for the data cards.
  • BSNL Internet settings for Android.
  • And much more.

Do you want splendid BSNL internet speed?

Then, carefully use the APN settings given in this Article,

I am using BSNL SIM card in my data card and in my smartphone from the last 8 months,

Many of you are also using the BSNL sim card in your smartphone longer than me, isn’t it?

During these 8 months, I faced a ton of issues with the Internet speed,

Sometimes it reduces from 1 Mbps to 10 Kbps, which hurts my downloading a lot.

So I tried some tweaks in the Access points, most of them don’t work for me but some worked insanely crazy,

In this article, I am going to tell you about those Access points setting or APN settings,

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Are you excited to know about the same?

Let me explain to you everything in details,

BSNL APN Settings

What is APN:

Yesterday, I published an article about the Jio APN settings and I told everything about APN in that article,

If you want to know APN in deep then you can check that guide.

But for your ease, I will tell you about APN again in a short and easy manner,

APN is known as Access point names and it works as an intermediate between the host and Internet.

The APN setting is available in every device such as Android smartphones, iPhones, Data cards, Tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

Without the use of APN, you can’t access the Internet on any of the above devices.

Even, if you are using the OLD 2G and 3G handsets then also, you have to configure the Access points names.

So How to configure these Access points names or APN? And what is the Best Internet setting for BSNL?

Do you want to know?

Then let’s dive into the configuration,

But before that, let me tell you the default way to install the APN setting through SMS.

BSNL APN Settings Via SMS:

1) First of all dial BSNL customer care number using your smartphone: 1800-345-1500

2) Then call on this number and follow a few steps, try to connect to the BSNL customer care executive.

3) Once you get connected to the BSNL customer care executive, ask them about the Access point names or APN.

4) Then the customer care executive will send you an SMS with internet APN settings.

5) Then disconnect the call and then open your Smartphone SMS app and click on the SMS which you just received on your smartphone a few minutes ago.

6) Then you have to install the internet setting on your smartphone.

7) Once the setting gets installed in your smartphone, turn off your smartphone and then again turn on it.

8) Then turn on your Data connection and use the internet data and moderate speed.

Best BSNL Internet Settings:

1) To use the below APN internet settings, you have to manually type the values in the Access points name profile.

2) First of all, restart your smartphone and then click on the setting option, and then click on the mobile data option.

3) After that, select the Access point names option and click on the BSNL APN profile.

4) Now type the below setting in each field.

BSNL APN Names BSNL APN Settings
Name Jio Fastest 4G
Proxy Not set
Port Not set
Username Not set
Password Not set
MMSC Not set
MMS proxy Not set
MCC 405
MNC 863
Authentication type Not set
Bearer Unspecified
APN protocol IPv6
APN roaming protocol IPv6
PPP call Not set
Data bearer Package switched domain
MVNO type None
Home page

5) After adding all the values in the field, save the profile and again restart your device.

6) Then turn on your data and use the Internet connection at a higher speed.

I hope you like this BSNL APN Settings post,

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BSNL Internet Setting FAQ:

How to Get Internet settings for BSNL?

You can get the Internet setting using the two ways, the one is through SMS and the other way is a Manual way.

What is the BSNL Internet settings Number?

The number for the BSNL internet setting is given in this article. Check out this article to know the number.

What Are the BSNL APN settings for Android Phone?

For the android phone settings, check the table in this article and manually add the values of the APN in your Android smartphone.

How to get BSNL internet settings on mobile?

Call the BSNL customer care executive for the internet setting on the mobile.

What are the BSNL 4g APN settings

Check out this article, for the settings, you have to change some values in the APN settings profile.

What are the BSNL 3G APN settings for Android?

Open your APN setting profile and select the APN as BSNLNET and save the profile. Now enjoy the 3G internet on your smartphone.

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