Citizenme Survey: Get Instant PayPal Cash on Surveys

Citizenme Survey: This survey post is the way to get your money in cash and gift vouchers.

So join the Citizenme platform and get the below rewards exclusively:

  • PayPal cash reward.
  • Instant online gift vouchers.
  • Reward points on every survey.
  • And more rewards.

Since registration, I have completed two surveys, and after they were successful, I got reward points.

Do you want to earn money from the Citizenme survey for free? If you are excited after reading the content.

Then, do not wait for more to move ahead!

Citizenme is not an Indian platform that provides online surveys and where you need to join and complete the tasks.

Inside Citizenme, there are several sections for earning, which are open after joining, so users need to set up their accounts.

Once the participants complete their surveys, then winning money will credits to their account.

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Check out the following terms and the process of joining and redeeming the cash rewards.

Citizenme Survey

Citizenme Survey Terms:

1. Get Instant PayPal Cash on Surveys

1) Citizenme allows every user who registers with this company to participate in a survey and receive cash rewards.

2) The participants must register properly with their business emails, and then they will have access to the surveys.

3) Users must have their PayPal account to receive the rewards, and there are no limitations on completing tasks.

4) On every survey, users will receive the reward points, and the reward points are convertible on redeeming the gift vouchers.

5) Citizenme offers PayPal cash, gift vouchers, and coupons, and participants must use their email addresses to redeem vouchers.

6) This Citizenme reward program is applicable to everyone, but every task is applicable for a limited time.

How to Avail Citizenme Survey:

1) The participants must visit Citizenme from the link or search for an app to download.

2) Then, click the login tab and start creating your online account with the proper credentials using the details below.

3) Add your business email, unique username, strong password, and more of your living places.

4) Once you finish your logins, you will get the activation link on your email to confirm your account profile.

5) Afterward, move inside the Citizenme to check the survey section, where you can see all the active surveys.

6) So choose one of them, and you will see the value as well as > now, the tasks will be started and give all the answers.

7) If your response is good as per the companies policies so that, you will win the reward points.

8) The winning reward points will be credited to the user’s web wallet, which you can check from the wallet section.

9) Go to the reward page to check the active vouchers and PayPal cash > if you have PayPal, then link with the account.

10) Afterward, redeem your cash into the PayPal, which will auto redeemed into your banks.


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How much points did you collected in Citizenme winnings?

Write the earnings below and check out the free recharge offers page.

Citizenme Survey FAQs:

Is Citizenme a good for earning?

Somewhere, the Citizenme is good for earning because where users will get the cash reward without any investments.

Can I earn free vouchers from Citizenme?

Yes, everyone can get the free vouchers from Citizenme after completing surveys.

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