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Coding Blocks Referral Code: Join Coding Blocks, I will introduce about this platform to get the special courses.

Become a member by registration & get benefits:

  • Rewards on every referral.
  • Cash on the friend joins.
  • Redeem on the online course.
  • And much more benefits.

I got the rewards in digital cash from this Coding Blocks company when I made a registration.

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Do you want to earn the rewards simultaneously with the learning from coding? If you are excited about it.

Then find out the referral program below!

Coding Blocks is an online learning agency that provides a comprehensive 5-6 month industrial training program for students or learners.

It is the most trusted & affordable platform, which has provided the top placements, with over 100+ projects, and the live classroom availability.

Currently, it is providing a referral program for every member, and where people can join the live program to earn cash rewards.

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Check the below instructions of this coding company and follow the steps or process.

  Coding Blocks Referral Code

Coding Blocks Referral Code Terms:

1. Get Cash Reward on Referring | Refer and Earn

1) Users can buy an online course from the Coding Blocks company at a discounted price, but they need to do the verification.

2) Once the referee can buy any courses in the Coding Blocks after joining with the code or link, the referrer will get the cash rewards.

3) No cash amount is fixed, and every referrer will receive a different value reward, which is usable and redemption.

4) Once the person gets the referral rewards, they can use them on the plant purchase or automatically use them.

5) The Coding Blocks referral program is applicable to every user, and where people can invite friends.

Coding Blocks Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppCoding Blocks
Coding Blocks Referral codeSHA9Y7
App LinkCoding Blocks
Sign up BonusDiscount Code
Referral BonusCash

How to Avail the Rewards:

1) Firstly, you need to open this Coding Blocks online webpage or company, and you will land there.

2) Still, it does not any Android apps, then continue

3) Next, click on the Login/Signup tab from the above page and start your online account with the proper information.

4) Continue with social accounts like Google and Facebook or link an account with the new mobile number.

5) Add this generated Coding Blocks referral code: SHA9Y7

Coding Blocks Code

6) It asks you to complete your online verification, so add your proper name, unique email address, and password.

7) Continue exploring the page and view all the available courses, including the master course, and move ahead to continue.

8) Next, go inside to the course page to check the page and start buying a course or premium on this platform.

9) Now, complete your online transaction with the suitable gateway.

How to Share the Coding Blocks Referral Code:

1) If you have made your Coding Blocks account hassle-free, you need to check an account there.

2) Now, explore the account tab and choose the “My Referrals” tab from the header page.

CodingBlocks Referrals

3) Next, find the code by scrolling the page, and also you can get the free link by tapping on it.

4) Now share it with your friend on social channels.


If you want to get the best course coding, then explore this Coding Blocks company.

Which course did you choose in the Coding Blocks and generate the referral cash?

Share the referral amount and check all these free recharge offers.

Coding Blocks Referral Code FAQs:

Is Coding Blocks a good company?

Somewhere the Coding Blocks is the good company, and where you can explore the courses.

Can I refer friends in Coding Blocks?

You can invite your friends in Coding Blocks after generating the referral code as well as link.

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