Coinut App: Get LTC Coin on Referring Friends | Referral Code

Coinut Referral code: In this post, I will discuss a new crypto coin trading app named Coinut.

When you download this Coinut app, you will get the below profits:

  • 0.064LTC  per refer.
  • 0.0204 LTC your friends get.
  • Earn extra 30% commission rewards.
  • And more profits.


I have received 0.0030 LTC from the Coinut app.

coinut reward

Do you want to make money using trading from the Coinut app?

Let’s dive deeper into the refer and earn program!

Coinut is a new cryptocurrency trading platform where users can earn unlimited money at home by using trading.

From the “How to start” option, the users can learn about cryptocurrency. And can also check the trading till last week.

It provides many digital currency options such as BTC (bitcoin), LTC (Litecoin), SGD (Singapore dollar), and CAD (Canadian dollar).

Why is it different from another trading app?

In this app, users can trade only digital currency. In contrast, other apps trade the stock market.

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Are you excited to download the Coinut app?

Then follow the below steps and read them carefully.

coinut referral codes

Coinut Referral code Terms:

1. Earn LTC on Inviting Friends | Refer and Earn

1) If a friend joins with a referral code or referral link, the referrer will get 0.064 LTC on their app wallet.

2) Also, the referee will get 0.0204 LTC when a friend enters a referral code on creating a new account.

3) 1 LTC coin is equal to 1000 (approx.), and it will automatically convert on trading.

4) The referrer will get a 30% commission if the referee trade for the first two years.

5) There is no limit to sharing the referral code or link.

6) There is a minimum redemption of 0.015 BTC and nearly equal to Rs 35,542.

Coinut Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppCoinut
Coinut Referral code180725
App LinkCoinut
Sign up Bonus3.96 USD
Referral Bonus12.63 USD

How to Earn From Coinut:

1) Firstly go to, the Coinut website from the Offer page.

2) Or download the Coinut app from the Google play store.

3) Next, open the app and create a new account by entering the email, username, strong password, and referral code.

4) Now, use this Coinut referral code: 180725

coinut referral link

5) After clicking on the submit button, you will get a message to activate the account.

6) Now, log in with your valid information.

7) Now, enter the country code, mobile number, and SMS code.

8) After entering all the necessary information, you will be able to start trading.

9) Now, you can withdraw your money through Coinut by entering the address label and amount.

10) Finally, you will get the message of your transaction in Gmail from the Coinut app.

How to Share the Coinut Referral Code: 

1) To share the referral code > tap on the Coinut app icon on your smartphone.

2) Now, click on the hamburger button from the right-top corner.

3) Now, tap to open the refer & earn option from the menu bar.

4) After that, click on the “Copy” button to copy your referral code or copy your referral link and share it through Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.


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Coinut Referral Code FAQs:

What is Blockchain address?

Blockchain address is similar to a bank account, and it is used only for cryptocurrency trading.

How do you trade on Coinut?

You can trade on Coinut after completing an online registration.

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Coinut Referral Code - Coinut 2020 Code : 858876
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