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Paytm UPI Offers: In this offer post, I am going to tell you about the Paytm UPI offers, and some steps on how to avail these UPI offers on the Paytm app. ...

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Buy Ticket at Rs 50 on Zayka Food Carnival
Use this Insider coupon and get ticket only at Rs 50 on Zayka food carnival.
Rs.10 Rs.30

Get Free access to online events.
Use this Insider coupon and get get free access for online shows & events.
Rs.350 Rs.500

Now book tickets for Rs 150
Use this Insider coupon and get discount on your Wink.
Rs.0 Rs.25

Top Insider Coupons, Promo Codes, and Offers:

Insider Promo Code Offer Details Offer Validity
Insider Coupon Code for New Users Get 10% Off Up to Rs 500 31/03/2024
Insider Promo Code for Old Users Get 40% Off Up to Rs 150 31/03/2024
Insider Offer Code for this Month Get Rs 0 Tickets for Events 31/03/2024

Insider Coupon Code

About Insider Coupons:

Insider is an international business media company that provides online tickets for all events.

Also, it is known as Paytm Insider because Paytm has invested some percent of stacks in this company.

Insider is found by an American businessman named Henry Blodget and Kevin P. Ryan.

Previously the name of Insider was Business Insider, and where it provides several types of news sections, you can read global news on it.

Know that booking any event is accessible because we have an Insider that provides you tickets for several occasions.

This company introduced its first service in 2007 when the people there were unaware of it.

But after some time, it has become one of the most favorable platforms because of the excellent service and schemes.

Before going to the Paytm Insider, you can stream the demo of this platform and learn about it.

Insiders' primary services are popular events, free events, and corporate events. All these events are worldwide and are discussed below:

  • Popular Events: Jon, these events include Tailblaze e-hogathon, the art of doodling, BGMI tournament, and the stock market.
  • Free Events: More than 150 free online events are available, and you can purchase them at Rs 0.
  • Corporate Events: You can join some significant events in corporate sectors by spending money.

By using Insider, you can spread your knowledge or talent globally.

An Amazing feature of Insider is that if you want to organize any event, then you can list your event by adding all necessary details.

Insider has started the hiring process for freshers or experiencers anyone can check their eligibility criteria.

Discover your city on Paytm Insider by searching locations such as Pune, Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and many more.

How to Open an Account on Insider?

STEP 1: Click on the Insider website link to visit the webpage and visit the page to access it.

STEP 2: Alternatively, download the Paytm Insider app from an Android or IOS store.

THIRD STEP: Then, follow the step to open an account, so let's start the signup process.

FOURTH STEP: Click on the profile icon, and a popup will open. Choose Facebook or Google to open an account.

FIFTH STEP: Enter another email address for signup and receive an OTP.

How to Buy Event Ticket on Insider?

1) When you visit the Insider, many of the event details with images will appear.

2) Tap on popular or corporate events, or choose the free event section.

3) If you want free tickets, then click on the free event section, where you will get all free tickets.

4) Then, proceed with the payment and go to the next page to complete your transaction.

5) Transaction amount depends on the ticket events.

How to Use Coupons on Insider?

1) If you choose a paid ticket and need a ticket discount.

2) Then, pick any paid event from the given page and check all the timings of that event.

3) You can select any suitable time and day from the list > tap on a book.

4) Add the coupon code to reduce the ticket amount and make your entire payment.

How to Contact Customer Support of Insider?

Insider or Paytm Insider, call it by any name, and the support team is available for every user. If you find any issues or problems while using the Insider, you can use any contacts:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Insider Coupon Code FAQs:

Is Insider of Paytm Insider similar?

Yes, they are the same name company and when you search for the Insider, then you will visit Paytm Insider. So do not confuse in it and use for the various event tickets.

How can I get insider discount?

You can get an Insider discount on event tickets when you apply the available coupon code or discount coupon code.

Does Insider provide free tickets.

Many of the free events are available on Insider and you can book any events for free before it end. Also, you can book event for others.

Finally Watch Related Video:

Get deep knowledge about the Paytm Insider by streaming video.

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