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Get Up To 10% Off On Mass Gainers
Use this Muscleblaze coupon and get flat Rs 200 discount on all product items.
Rs.200 Rs.350
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Get Up To 10% Off On Proteins
Use this Muscleblaze coupon and get up to Rs 200 discount on Proteins.
Rs.60 Rs.150
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Get Up To 10% Off on MuscleBlaze
Use this Muscleblaze coupon and get up to 10% discount on orders.
Rs.70 Rs.90
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Top Muscleblaze Coupons, Promo Codes, and Offers:

Muscleblaze Promo Code Offer Details Offer Validity
Muscleblaze Coupon Code for New Users Get Up to 60% discount on all Orders. 31/03/2024
Muscleblaze Promo Code for Old Users Get Rs 200 Off on all Orders 31/03/2024
Muscleblaze Offer Code for this Month Get Up to 60% + extra 10% Off on Product. 31/03/2024

muscleblaze coupon code

About Muscleblaze Coupons:

Muscleblaze is India's best brand supplement provider that provides the original online protein product items.

Muscleblaze was found by Sameer Maheshwari, and he runs its platform from the location of Gurgaon.

It supplies its brand items across the nation like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bhopal, Indore, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and many more.

It uses the phrase "Ziddi Hoon Main" to endeavor its brand. In India, peoples prefer this brand product to boost their muscles.

Muscleblaze comprises the best nutrition materials, which gives you immune power and boosts your muscles.

It has launched various types of products of its brand like Biozyme performance whey, Biozyme Whey isolate, Mass Gainer XXL, Super Gainer XL, Gold Gainer, Fish Oil, Gold Gainer, and more.

Additionally, it provides a unique feature named "shop by goal" that determines which product should you have to buy from Muscleblaze according to bodybuilding, bulking up, muscle recovery, immunity, lean muscle loss, weight loss, meal replacement, and Gym support.

FSSAI approves it, so there is no problem in using this Muscleblaze platform. Its product is expensive because of its high-quality supplements, but its customers can purchase at a low price as it gives a discount.

Also, it offers a special type of cash named MB cash. When users shop from its platform, then they will earn some MB cash on orders.

MB Cash is delivered to the user's wallet after successful delivery, and users can use this special cash on the next Muscleblaze order. So now, join this platform.

How to Register this Muscleblaze Platform?

STEP 1: Open the Muscleblaze website on chrome or other browsers from the given link.

STEP 2: Now, tap on the signup button from the top right corner and then fill a registration form to complete your signup.

NEXT STEP: You can also login using social profiles like Facebook or Google.

LAST STEP: After that, enter your mobile number and OTP to log in to the Muscleblaze.

How to Buy Product on Muscleblaze?

1) When you sign into the Muscleblaze platform, then you can explore all the items.

2) Now, open the categories from the header section or menu bar and choose your product according to your requirement.

3) After that, tap on the button to add the product to the cart.

4) Then, open the cart and fill in the details like home address, ZIP code, and more.

5) After that, complete your order by making payments with the online methods.

How to Apply Coupon Code on Muscleblaze?

1) Go to the cart by a tap on its icon from the top right corner.

2) After that, fill in your home address and enter the coupon code to avail the discount reward.

3) Add more items into the order for free shipping and then proceed to the checkout button,

4) Next, tap on the payment button to make your order using the online method and use some MB cash.

How to Contact Muscleblaze Support?

If you have any queries contact Muscleblaze team. It provides something better they are listening their customer and happy to do what they want. They are available between 24/7.

  • Contact Number: +91 85 277 32 632.
  • Chat with social media.

Muscleblaze Coupons FAQs:

My MB Cash is in pending stage. Is something wrong?

Still, if you get the pending status of your MB cash, then don't worry, because your MB cash will deliver to your wallet after the successful delivery and also, if you have not returned the product within 14 days, then MB cash is permanently added to your wallet.

Can I transfer MB Cash to my Friends?

No, there is no method to redeem MB cash, users cannot redeem their MB cash rather they can use it on online product items.

Is there an expiry date for my earned MB Cash?

Yes, it has an expiry date of 3 months, within 3 months the users reward cash will expired.

Finally Watch Related Video:

Watch the below video and know about the Muscleblaze coupons.

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