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Get Extra 15% Discount on Order
Use this Prepladder coupon and get extra 15% discount on order
Rs.90 Rs.120
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Get Free Trial of Prepladder
Use this Prepladder coupon and request for a free courses for 7 days.
Rs.0 Rs.35

Get 10% Discounts on All courses
Use this Prepladder coupon and get up to 10% rebates on medical, civil engineering, and more courses.
Rs.10 Rs.25

Top Prepladder Coupons, Promo Codes, and Offers:

Prepladder Promo Code Offer Details Offer Validity
Prepladder Coupon Code for New Users Get Up to 90% Discount 31/03/2024
Prepladder Promo Code for Old Users Get Free Trial of Prepladder 31/03/2024
Prepladder Offer Code for this Month Get 15% Discounts on All courses 31/03/2024

Prepladder Coupon Code

About Prepladder Coupons:

Prepladder is an online tutorial platform similar to Upgrad, Edurev, Testbook, Unacademy, Udemy, Vedantu, and many more.

It is an Indian platform and one of the best exam preparation apps covering all exam courses and providing you with the best content in a specific language.

Prepladder is the planning a number of projects which have been launched by the prominent personalities, Deepanshu Goyal, Vipul Goyal, and Sahil Goyal. After spending a lot of nights and days these people launched Prepladder in 2015.

Today, its main headquarters is located in Chandigarh, continuously spreading its service to the students.

Prepladder has courses for Medical (PG, FMGE, Super specialty, Engineering (GATE, IIT-JEE), Civil Services (UPSC), and management (CAT).

By taking these courses, students can make their own pace of study and make a great future.

There is much competition in today's date and every field, be it business, studies, or sports.

But in the market, many online tutors are available who give the best pieces of knowledge to their students.

When Prepladder came to India, no one knew about it because many platforms were available.

But after providing the best study, it became most popular and made its own position in the market.

Today it has more than 2 million users, over a 200million videos watched, 1 million doubts, and 3 million tests.

The best thing about Prepladder is that it gives free content such as HD videos, Qbank, test series, and so on.

What are you waiting for? There is no stoppage in your life, and the clock is moving.

Go to the Prepladder and get any courses on this platform for free and start your exam preparation in any field.

How to Open an Account on Prepladder?

STEP 1: Tap on the Prepladder web platform the given link or install its app from an Android store.

STEP 2: After that, click on the login/signup button and open your account with valid credentials.

THIRD STEP: Next, enter the mobile number, verify with the verification code, and enable the WhatsApp notification.

FOURTH STEP: You will get every notification on your personal WhatsApp number.

FIFTH STEP: Remind these details to log into your account for future purposes.

How to Buy Products from Prepladder?

1) Now, move to the Prepladder page with your log-in account and go to the page.

2) After that, search for the courses or check them from the menu bar, and you will redirect them.

3) Next, click on the payment page and complete your transaction for your course.

4) Also, check out its free course and avail it after adding to your account.

How to Apply Coupons on Prepladder?

1) Using a coupon on Prepladder is easy, so tap on the Prepladder courses you want.

2) Then, check the course amount and blank field of the coupon code.

3) Apply this coupon or promo code and proceed to the checkout button.

4) Lastly, complete your transaction with any mode of payment and access this course anytime.

How to Contact Prepladder Support?

You have to contact the Prepladder Support team, they are available for your support for all query. You can also contact them by many methods.

  • Email address:
  • Contact number: +91-9062566666.
  • Chat with social media

Prepladder Coupon Code FAQs:

How much does Prepladder cost?

Prepladder provide online courses and somewhere it provides a highly costable but sometimes it provides free courses. So users can take its free courses or use coupon code on paid courses.

Can we pay monthly for Prepladder?

Monthly or EMI, both are the same and if you want to take a course from Prepladder monthly, then you have to pay EMI transactions of your courses to avail the course.

Can I cancel my Prepladder subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the Prepladder subscription on any time and also you does not have to tell any reason on cancellation.

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