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Get 10% Discount on 1st Orders
Use this Prerto coupon and save maximum of 10% on online product items.
Rs.10 Rs.24
Save 5% on Contemporary Necklace
Use this Prerto coupon and save maximum Contemporary jewelry items.
Rs.5 Rs.12
Get Free Delivery on Orders
Use this Prerto coupon and save maximum on online free shipping.
Rs. Rs.45

Top Prerto Coupons, Promo Codes, and Offers:

Prerto Promo Code Offer Details Offer Validity
Prerto Coupon Code for New Users Get 10% Discount on 1st Orders 31/5/2024
Prerto Offer Code for this Month Save 5% on Contemporary Necklace 31/5/2024
Prerto Promo Code for Old Users Get Free Delivery on Orders 31/5/2024

Prerto Coupon Code

About Prerto Coupons:

Prerto is a platform known for selling contemporary online jewelry, where women can find any jewelry at the best value.

Prerna Agarwal is the main founder of this company, who is providing services to nationwide customers.

It is a luxury handcrafted jewellery brand located in Mumbai, India, which is rapidly growing and widely accepted by users.

When the Prerto company was founded in India, there were no other companies available because everyone was not offering deals with it.

Prerto company was launched in 2012 and is still offering the service to nationwide customers, so people can avail themselves of it.

Here, you can find every piece of jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, waist belts, hand harnesses, mask chains, nose rings, and much more.

Except for the Jewellery, you can find the best clothing, such as Indian wear, shirts, dresses, bags, shoes, phone cases, and sunglasses.

Every product is luxurious, which gives you a fantastic look when you wear it. Also, there you can find the best value products.

Many celebrities are wearing this brand of jewellery products that are not very expensive because this Prerto offers you a discount on online shopping.

Prerto has no more physical stores, so the customer needs to shop the product from its online stores.

It also offers jewelry for Indian users, and if other country members want this, they need to contact its team.

Since its launch days, it has made many sales of jewelry items and is still delivering them.

It provides the best quality of jewelry, and that is why it has become trendy.

How to Open an Account on Prerto?

STEP 1: Tap on the Prerto online shopping page from the given link, or you will land there.

STEP 2: Afterward, tap on the profile icon from the above headers and make an online registration.

THIRD STEP: Now, sign up here to complete your account and add the valid credentials.

FOURTH STEP: Next, enter the first name, last name, email address, and strong password.

LAST STEP: Just create your account and save these details to the account.

How to Buy Products from Prerto:

1) If you need contemporary Jewellery from this Prerto, explore all the items there.

2) Now, find it from the given catalogs, search with the given product image, or use the search bar.

3) You can use the search bar for the jewelry and add them to the basket or cart.

4) Then, you can make a payment with any gateway.

How to Use Coupons in Prerto:

1) If you want to save money in Prerto, you need to use online coupons.

2) Alternatively, you can modify the basket order with the other items or increase the quantity.

3) Next, add the shipping details, use the coupons to save money, and then pay for the payments.

4) Complete your online payment with a suitable gateway.

How to Contact the Prerto Support Team?

Prerto support assistance is available for all the time, and there are several ways to contact them:

  • Email Id:
  • Phone number: +91-9833117218

Prerto Coupons FAQs:

Is Prerto a good online platform?

Prerto a good company which gives online jewelry items at the discount value and still, the customers are using to wear daily product items.

How I save on the Prerto online shopping?

You can save money online in the Prerto online shopping when you use the coupons or goes under any festive seasons or summer seasons.

Can I get free shipping on Prerto?

You can get the free delivery on Prerto if you use the free code or pay an online gateway to avail the fast, free shipping.

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