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Truebasics Referral Code: I will introduce the new wellness shopping platform named Truebasics. Register on the Truebasics and get the benefits: 300 ...

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Get Up to 50% Off on Tablets
Use this Truebasics coupon and save money on online tablets purchase
Rs.50 Rs.75

Get 27% Discount on Heart Omega-3
Use this Truebasics coupon and save on the heart omega-3 product items.
Rs.27 Rs.32

Get 22% Off on Collagen Skin Products
Use this Truebasics coupon and buy collage skin product items at 22% discount value.
Rs.22 Rs.45

Top Truebasics Coupons, Promo Codes, and Offers:

Truebasics Promo Code Offer Details Offer Validity
Truebasics Coupon Code for New Users Get 22% Off on Collagen Skin Products 31/03/2024
Truebasics Promo Code for Old Users Get Up to 50% Off on Tablets 31/03/2024
Truebasics Offer Code for this Month Get 27% Discount on Heart Omega-3 31/03/2024

Truebasics Coupon Code

About Truebasics Coupons:

Truebasics is one of the top Indian wellness companies that provides the best nutrition items and where you can get the best value products for your health.

Vijit Jalan is the main founder of this company and has been managing the service since the 20th century.

It started its journey in 2011, and after that, another reputed company bought this company stakes named Healthkart, but it still provides all the services. If the users need this brand item, then they can visit its online store hassle-free.

Get the nutrition supplement by category, gender, best sellers, and here it has the Heart Omega 3, Ashwagandha, Vitamin D3, Collagen Skin, T-Boost, and more.

It does not use harmful chemicals, while the items are made of natural ingredients like Centilin, Bioperine, Kaneka Q10, Gingever, and more.

Why only the Truebasics? Truebasics provides quality, where you can get authentic supplements, hassle-free returns, safe payments, free home delivery, and earn vital points.

Not only the common people while but other celebrities also use this brand's products so that you can trust this brand.

Since 2011, it has sold several product items, and many consultants are available in this company who provide the correct information about the products.

Truebasics has no physical stores, so customers can purchase items from its online stores.

In the future, it will provide you with the service of physical stores and increase online productivity in other areas.

The other thing is that the Truebasics members can earn rewards from its company under the referral program, and if the users complete the refer tasks, then they will get rewards.

Additionally, the people do not have to worry about the product value because its team will give them discount coupons, which the receivers can use to save money.

Another thing is that if the person wants to save more, they can use the referral rewards.

How to Open an Account on Truebasics?

STEP 1: Go to the Truebasics web link from the given page, and you will go to the official page.

STEP 2: It has no Android app, so use its online shopping page to buy products.

THIRD STEP: Next, enter the mobile number, verification code, name, and email address.

FOURTH STEP: Your account is opened, and you can start purchasing this brand's product.

LAST STEP: Use these credentials in future purchases.

How to Buy Products from Truebasics:

1) Explore the main Truebasics shopping webpage and the header catalogs.

2) After clicking on the catalogs, you will see many product items.

3) So view the product by clicking them and check all every product detail.

4) If you need more items, add them to the basket/cart.

How to Use Coupons in Truebasics:

1) Open the cart page to check earlier added products and check all.

2) Next, proceed to add the proper shipping details and apply online coupons to save.

3) Discount money is saved, and you need to pay the rest amount to complete the transaction.

4) Choose the right way to complete your payment for the products.

How to Contact the Truebasics Support Team?

Truebasics support team helps the customer team, and there are several ways to contact them:

  • Email Id:
  • Mobile number: +91 93191 60088

Truebasics Coupons FAQs:

Is Truebasics a good platform?

Yes, the Truebasics is a good platform and where the customers can buy an online product items & genuine items can purchase from this brand including supplements.

How much can I save on the Truebasics?

No limit to save because the it brought different deals on every time and saving depend on using the coupons, so use coupons & save maximum amount.

How can I get the best from Truebasics?

Its items are genuine and you can get the best products from the Truebasics company so buy any essentials items.

Finally Watch the Related Video:

Start playing a video and learn about Truebasics products.

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