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Save 10% on 1st Purchase
Use this XYXX coupon and save money on making first purchase.
Rs.10 Rs.24

Get 30% Discount on Sweatshirts
Use this XYXX coupon and save maximum 30% amount on the all the sweatshirts.
Rs.30 Rs.45

Get 15% Discount on Model Briefs
Use this XYXX coupon and buy online 3 modals & save instantly 15% discount.
Rs.15 Rs.22

Top XYXX Coupons, Promo Codes, and Offers:

[February 2024] Offer Details Offer Validity
XYXX Coupon Code for New Users Save 10% on 1st Purchase 31/03/2024
XYXX Promo Code for Old Users Get 30% Discount on Sweatshirts 31/03/2024
XYXX Offer Code for this Month Get 15% Discount on Model Briefs 31/03/2024

XYXX Coupon Code

About XYXX Coupons:

XYXX is one of the famous & popular Indian brands which provides the best fashionable clothing items and online accessories, where you can save your money.

Yogesh Kabra is the person who launched this brand and is still managing the company's services & sells across with the nationwide customers.

XYXX is the leading company that has been selling or delivering the company items since the 20th century and is still operating its business with national users.

It launched its first clothing product in 2017, and it updates the library with thousands of the clothings.

From the XYXX, you can shop Loungewear, Boxers, Athleisure, and Topwear: T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Sweatshirts, and Co-ords.

You can buy the cargo joggers with different designs & colours, and grab the pair to save on your shopping.

XYXX always provides the best deals & coupons to its customers/members for the saving amount.

This company provides coupons for the first purchasers, and you can discover all the new clothing from its physical store.

Using the store locator, you can search out the stores, so you can visit there and find your favourable choice products.

Yes, it has opened many physical stores in Indian cities and is one of the largest stores in my town. XYXX always updates its shopping catalogues

It always sells you the correct items and its manufacturing quality is the best, which has become famous.

If the customers are waiting for the best deal, then they can buy right now because they will save more on this time. It is one of the best festive seasons and you save more on shopping.

However its main headquarters is in Gujarat, but its service is available in many locations, and all the time, you can get premium clothing. Moreover, the first purchasers will save a maximum 10% discount amount, and

How to Open an Account on XYXX?

STEP 1: Go to the main account page of XYXX, and if you open this link, then you will redirected.

STEP 2: After that, check the profile tab and make your account instantly with the proper credentials.

THIRD STEP: Mention your unique name with the last name, email address, and strong password.

FOURTH STEP: Now, create your account by submitting the details and move ahead to register for free.

LAST STEP: On moving to the next page, start exploring the online products.

How to Buy Products from XYXX:

1) If you have access, do your shopping for the latest fashionable products.

2) Then, check the shopping catalogues from the header page or search for an item in the search bar.

3) Afterward, you will see the items on the next page and view the page to see the product page.

4) Next, add the searchable items into the basket/cart, then make a purchase.

How to Use Coupons in XYXX:

1) Open the basket page, where you have kept the products and confirm it to shop.

2) Now, you need to search for more items if you want to save on multiple orders.

3) Afterward, confirm by adding the shipping details and applying online discount coupons.

4) Pay for the product amount with the suitable gateway; your coupon money is saved.

How to Contact the XYXX Support Team?

XYXX support team is available all the time, and there are several ways to contact the customer team using these ways:

  • Phone number: 6358729768 (All Weekdays)
  • Email Id: support@xyxxcrew.com

XYXX Coupons FAQs:

What is XYXX discount code?

XYXX is the company which sells the online Men's clothings & other electronic wearable accessories, and it provides the discount code, for its users, to save online.

Can I get the free coupons from XYXX?

Yes, you can get the free coupons from XYXX and always it provides with you the valid date coupons, so you can use it.

How do I return an XYXX order?

Returning is an easy on the XYXX and you need to submit the return order requests using the customer support team or directly.

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