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Get 25% Discount on Your Order
Use this Zappfresh coupon and get 25% discount on your order.
Rs.40 Rs.120
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Get 35% Off on All Orders
Use this Zappfresh coupon and get 20% Off on Order.
Rs.0 Rs.230
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Get 40% Discount on All Order
Use this Zappfresh coupon and get 40% discount on all order.
Rs.10 Rs.20
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Top Zappfresh Coupons, Promo Codes, and Offers:

Zappfresh Promo Code Offer Details Offer Validity
Zappfresh Coupon Code for New Users Get Up to 40% Instant Discount 31/03/2024
Zappfresh Promo Code for Old Users Get Free Deliver on Orders 31/03/2024
Zappfresh Offer Code for this Month Get 10% Discount on Chickens 31/03/2024

Zappfresh Coupon Code

About Zappfresh Coupons:

Zappfresh is an online Indian company that delivers non-veg items to customers' houses per their requirements. It is an online shop where every customer can order their favorite non-veg item. Zappfresh is similar to Licious, and Licious delivers in many regions.

Deepanshu Manchanda and Shruti Gocchwal is a founder and CEO of this company, and he was launched Zappfresh in 2015. The eight months of research and development, Manchanda launched this company and completed its first delivery in Delhi.

Currently, Zappfresh is available for a few locations such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad. Zappfresh is planning to expand its business in other states, so other people can also take its services. It has various catalogs like chicken, mutton, seafood, ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat, cold cuts, and specialty meats.

Zappfresh does not provide veg items, and it is filled with non-veg items. How does Zappfresh deliver items from farm to table? It has high-quality farms with innovative technology and puts it into hygienic slaughterhouses, where it does not use any chemicals or unethical practices.

Moreover, it is available for Android and IOS users, so any mobile users can use it and order food at an affordable value. Zappfresh offers a discount deal for its customers who order online food items. Zappfresh is chemical-free, freshness guaranteed, has a food certificate, and has zero preservatives.

If you are planning a party with your friends or colleagues at your home, then you can choose the party packs section. Also, you can get a huge discount on party orders.

How to Make a Free Account on the Zappfresh?

STEP 1: Download the Zappfresh app from an Android store or visit the webpage.

STEP 2: After that, explore the menu button and find the registration button to open the page.

THIRD STEP: Add the details like name, email address, phone number, password, and strong password.

FOURTH STEP: Press the button to send the details to Zappfresh for online registration.

FIFTH STEP: Also, you can connect with the Facebook or Google account.

How to Buy Products from Zappfresh?

1) When you log in to Zappfresh and go to the homepage, then search for the page.

2) Now, explore the given categories or search for the particular items from the search bar.

3) Next, add them to the basket and review the order before the online payment.

4) Now, check out the payment mode and complete your food order.

5) You will get your food soon.

How to Use Coupon Code on Zappfresh?

1) When you review the basket of your food order and if you want to add more.

2) Then, add items or increase the quantity of your food.

3) Next, apply the above-given coupon codes and proceed with the transactions.

4) Pay with an online mode to get an additional discount on your orders.

How to Contact Zappfresh Support?

Suppose you have any queries contact Zappfresh. It provides something better they are listening and happy to do what they want. They are available between 9 am-9 pm, Monday to Saturday.

  • Email:
  • Contact Number: +91-9015622366.
  • Chat with social media

Zappfresh Coupon Code FAQs:

How do I track my order on Zappfresh?

You can track your order on the Zappfresh by going to the order history section and then check the status of your live order.

Can I order on Zappfresh on my location?

Before ordering the items, you need to check the location by entering it or by enabling the location and after that, you can order the non-veg food.

Is Zappfresh provides coupons?

Yes, Zappfresh provides coupon or promo code for its customers and you will can use these coupons only on Zappfresh.

Finally Watch Related Video:

Click on this video and watch the Zappfresh food items.

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