Dainik Bhaskar Quiz Answers: Rewards on Playing Quiz Game

Dainik Bhaskar Quiz Answers: In this quiz post, I will tell you a new platform named Dainik Bhaskar to play a quiz game.

Read the below paragraphs about Dainik Bhaskar to earn these benefits:

  • Play quiz and win rewards.
  • Scratch card on every quiz contest.
  • Up to Rs 1,00,000 money reward.
  • And more benefits.

In fact:

After winning the quiz, I have won the scratch card as a reward from the Dainik Bhaskar.

Have you ever played and won any rewards from quiz contests? If not.

Let’s jump and get Dainik Bhaskar quiz answers!

Dainik Bhaskar is a favourite local newspaper that is available in Hindi, users can use it to read content in Hindi languages, stream all types of news.

Today, it has billions of customers, and they all prefer this platform to read news national or international. Dainik Bhaskar runs a quiz contest, where every user can win excellent reward money.

Also check:

Are you ready to join the Dainik Bhaskar platform to earn all the above rewards into your pocket?

Now, know about the quiz terms and follow them.

dainik bhaskar quiz answers

Dainik Bhaskar Quiz Answers Terms:

1. Rewards on Playing Quiz Game

1) When users play a quiz contest on Dainik Bhaskar, they will stand a chance to win rewards.

2) After winning the quiz game, users will get a scratch card worth up to Rs 1,00,000.

3) Dainik Bhaskar runs a quiz contest every day for its members so that the members can win rewards daily.

4) Each quiz contains ten questions, and it takes only 2 minutes to end the quiz.

Dainik Bhaskar Quiz Answers:


Ans: Angela Joli


Ans: Rab Ne Bna di Jodi


Ans: Bhartiya Tribal Party


Ans: 11


Ans: Sanatan Temple Center


Ans: Rs 1.67 Lakh Crore 


Ans: Hi-tech Laptop 


Ans: 2006


Ans: Rani Lotijiya


Ans: Bangladesh Nationalist Party

How to Play Dainik Bhaskar Quiz:

1) First of all, check your mobile phone space to download the Dainik Bhaskar app from the Android store.

2) After that, open it, select your city from the preferred one, and click on Continue to move ahead.

3) You are on the app dashboard and click on the profile icon from the above right corner.

4) Now, tap on login and enter your phone number and 4-digit passcode to log in to your account.

5) After that, manage the permission of your mobile phone to access the quiz contest and be ready to win all rewards.

6) Now, again tap on the profile button and click on the button “Play Quiz and Win“.

7) Next, click on the button to start a quiz and you will see many questions (one-by-one) > now, pick all the above answers with the given questions.

8) If your answer matches all the above answers, then proceed to click the button to submit your answers with the Dainik Bhaskar team members.

9) You will get a scratch card when you win this quiz contest, and it will add to the app wallet.

10) Now, go to your account and click rub your scratch card to redeem your prize.


I hope you get all the answers from the above-given page.

How much money did you win from Dainik Bhaskar?

Comment your answer right now and get more quizzes from free recharge offers.

Dainik Bhaskar Quiz Answers FAQs:

Is Dainik Bhaskar provides reward money to winners?

Dainik Bhaskar give reward money to its contestants.

Can I play quiz Dainik Bhaskar on everywhere?

Dainik Bhaskar is available everywhere, but quiz runs on some places.

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