Dmart Slice Offer: Get 10% Cashback Up to Rs 75

Dmart Slice Offer: In this offer sale, I will tell you a new Slice offer with the Dmart platform.

After activating the Slice card, use it on the Dmart platform for many benefits:

  • 10% cashback on shopping.
  • Up to Rs 75 cashback on payments.
  • Use Spark and get back.
  • And more benefits


I used Dmart a few months ago, where I got a free product, and on using this offer, I have saved money.

Do you know that Dmart has a shopping store across India? If you now know, there is no problem that this offer is usable on online delivery.

Now jump into this offer!

Dmart and Slice are the two branches of the market, whereas, Dmart is the grocery store and Slice is a financial payment firm.

However, Dmart has opened stores across the nation in many cities, and users can easily visit there and do shopping.

Also, it provides offers for both online and offline stores. On the other hand, the Slice activates the card only for eligible persons like 18+, Indian citizens, and so on.

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Are you excited about taking benefits from this offer?

Dmart slice offers

Dmart Slice Offer Terms:

1 .Get 10% Cashback Up to Rs 75

1) The users will receive 10% cashback from Dmart when they shop products only from its store.

2) Payments must be made with the Slice spark card, and no minimum transaction is required for this offer.

3) This Dmart Slice offer applies only to the Dmart offline grocery store with Slice card users.

4) It has an expiry date of 17th April 2022, and users cannot receive cashback after that.

5) Cashback up to Rs 75 will credit to the Slice account, and they can use this cashback reward on the next purchase.

How to Avail Dmart Slice Offer:

1) Firstly, open the official website of Slice from the given link or install the app directly.

2) Upon installing the Slice app, it asks for your permission and then enables the geolocation.

3) If you are an old user and still did not sign in >, enter your existing mobile number and code.

4) Now, it checks your credentials, if the information matches with the Slice database, then you will land on the dashboard.

5) If the credentials do not match, then enter your new mobile number and open your account.

6) You have logged in successfully, and remember that you can use these details for future log in.

7) Next, go to the dashboard and activate your Spark card by dropping or dragging it.

8) Then, add some money from a bank account and go to the Dmart physical store of any location.

9) You can use your card at the Dmart store, so search from your nearby location.

10) After that, purchase any of your needed grocery items and on the counter section, make payment with the Slice card.

11) Your cashback will be sent on your credit balance.


Activate your spark card and use it in the Dmart store.

What will you purchase from Dmart under this offer period?

Share your words using the comment box and explore the free recharge offers page.

Dmart Slice Offer FAQs:

Can I use slice card at Dmart?

You can use the Slice card on the Dmart store, that is why it has teamed up.

Can you use slice card supermarket?

If offer runs on the Slice card for supermarket shopping, then you can use it,

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