Eazydiner Au Bank Offer: Save 20% off with Au card

Eazydiner Au Bank Offer: In this offer, I will talk about the Au Bank offer with the Eazydiner platform.

Book your restaurant with Eazydiner and get the benefits:

  • 20% discount on products.
  • Save on booking table.
  • Maximum saving is Rs 1000.
  • And more benefits.

I have already saved the amount in the Eazydiner platform because last night, I booked the table for family restaurants.

Are you excited to save your money on the restaurant tables? If you want to get the

Now, move straight into it!

Eazydiner Au Bank Discount

Eazydiner is the dining or restaurant platform that allows customers to book their online tables in any nearby restaurant, and it is available in many locations.

Right now, Eazydiner operates services in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Kolkata, GOA, Jaipur, Agra, Kochi, Indore Ludhiana, and many more.

It has many bank partners, including AU Bank, Kotak Bank, SBI Bank, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, and many more.

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Check out the following offer terms and read the steps carefully about it.

Eazydiner Au Bank Offer

Eazydiner Au Bank Offer Terms:

1. Save 20% off with Au Bank Card

1) No need to use the coupons on the online booking table as per the company’s policies.

2) Customers can get an instant discount on the Eazydiner platform when they book tables at any restaurant after signing up.

3) A minimum payment value of Rs 3500 is required for every customer, and the offer is available once a month.

4) The Maximum discount is Rs 1000 for every user, and the amount is fixed for everyone, so if users want to save, they need to pay online.

5) Eazydiner allows customers to pay with the PAYeazy after the meal intake, and only an AU Ivy debit card is required for this offer.

6) Also, this Eazydiner AU Bank offer is applicable to all members and ends on June 30, 2024.

How to Avail the Eazydiner Au Bank Offer:

1) Users need to visit the Eazydiner online platform first, and then they can move to any physical center linked to Eazydiner.

2) So, after going there, they can find many restaurant tables, but they also have to complete their signup with valid credentials.

3) Next, the form will opened and add your mandatory phone number with the verification code, so you can verify with it.

4) Now, check out the categories for lunch, dinner, fast food, breakfast, or other cuisines and enable your GPS location.

5) Your GPS location is mandatory to access the Eazydiner, and all the tables will appear on your screen.

6) So move any of them you like, and after going there, check out the slots and guests, as well as the time.

7) Once you choose the fixed time to go with the Eazydiner, then continue for the payments and link your card with the PAYeazy.

8) Your booking table will confirmed, and the details will sent to your account address, and you need to visit there to eat your meal.

9) When you complete your meal at your booked restaurant tables, so proceed to make a payment with the Au Bank Ivy debit card.

10) In the payment, your 20% discount value will saved.


Explore all the best & tasty meals from the restaurants and save one of them.

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Eazydiner Au Bank Offer FAQs:

Is Eazydiner a good to use?

Yes, the Eazydiner is good to use and where the users can book tables in any restaurants.

Can I use Au bank card on booking tables?

Yes, the company allows you to use any credit or debit cards to pay on your bookings.

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