EduFund App: Get Rs 1000 Coins on Refer | Refer and Earn

EduFund Refer and Earn: I will discuss with you about the investment platform named EduFund.

After downloading the Android app, you will get the various benefits:

  • 1000 coins on inviting a friend.
  • Coins on playing quiz.
  • Redeem coins into offers.
  • And more benefits.


After redeeming the coins, I purchased a subscription to a platform, the EduFund.

EduFund rewads

Do you want to buy digital gold using this EduFund app or other offers? If you want to avail it, so get the advantages.

Let’s dive straight into this refer-and-earn program!

EduFund is a fantastic platform that provides educational learning services and investment services & provides education loans at low-interests.

For investments, it has access to 400+ mutual funds, US Efts, and digital gold. New users can learn about the markets from experts, and it provides advisors.

Many partners like Kotak, Mahindra Finance, ICICI Bank, Motilal Oswal, and many more. Apart from that, it offered some reward coins via referral programs, and referred users can earn them.

If you want to partner with EduFund, you can become a new partner of this platform.

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Check the steps related to this program, and do not forget to read the terms carefully.

EduFund Refer and Earn

EduFund Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get Rs 1000 Coins on Refer | Referral Code

1) The new users can access all the running offers from the EduFund platform after opening an account successfully.

2) If the referee uses a referral link or enters a code to the EduFund, then the referrer will instantly receive 1000 coins.

3) Earned coins value is 100% usable only on redeeming the vouchers and subscription coupons.

4) Also, this referral program is valid for a limited time, and users can earn coins by playing several quizzes.

5) On every completed task, the users will get a reward instantly in the form of coins.

EduFund Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppEduFund
EduFund Referral code2srHMZYisdiqNSF4A
App LinkEduFund
Sign up BonusFree Access
Referral Bonus1000 Coins

How to Get Signup Bonus:

1) First, tap the EduFund website link from the given page, and you will jump over there.

2) After visiting the page, click the login button to open your account with valid credentials.

3) Enter the mobile number, verification code, name, email address, date of birth, and more.

4) Use this EduFund referral code: 2srHMZYisdiqNSF4A (optional).

EduFund refer link

5) After adding all the credentials into EduFund, move to the homepage to access more services.

6) Then, check the rewards section and scroll down the page to find the several running quizzes.

7) Every quiz contains a maximum of 7 questions, and you have to answer every question, so complete it and earn coins.

8) Afterward, go to the rewards section to check all the running offers and redeem your coins into a reward.

9) Lastly, you can redeem your coins with any offers.

How to Share the EduFund Refer and Earn:

1) Tap on the EduFund app icon on your device and log in with the same credentials.

2) Then, find the referral button to move to the refer and earn page.

3) Next, you will see your EduFund refer link and the code along with it > share this code with your friends.

4) Now, tell your friends to use it and play some online quizzes for the rewards.


Avail of every referral program benefits in the EduFund and share with more.

How many coins did you earn under the referral program?

Comment us with your earnings below and check out the free recharge offers.

EduFund Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is EduFund an actual platform?

EduFund is an investment and education learning platform and anyone can use it.

Can I take Education Loans?

Yes, this platform also provides education loans to study.

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