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Fliki Refer and Earn: I will tell you about the AI video generator platform named Fliki.

Create your own AI videos and get these benefits as well:

  • Commission on friends.
  • 30% commission on referral.
  • Save on the plans.
  • And more benefits.


I have successfully joined this Fliki platform and activated the free trial, and the services are amazing.

Do you have any AI platforms, or have you ever heard about Fliki AI? If you want to make videos better.

So jump down to learn about it!

Fliki is the Indian AI video-generated software company which is brought by the Indian person Atul Yadav, he got this innovative company.

Fliki Services

It has its own GPT services, which means chatGPT is for the content, and VideoGPT is for the video generator services.

Here, you can convert your Idea, PPT, Tweet, Avatar, Product and transform your blog into videos.

Apart from using it, you can get referral rewards by joining its program, and rewards are 100% usable.

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Follow the instructions about the Fliki, which is essential to know about the Fliki.

  Fliki Refer & Earn

Fliki Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get 30% Commission on Invites | Referral Code

1) New users can join Fliki quickly with the following registration process, and they will get free trial services.

2) If the referee joins with a link and makes a purchase of the subscription, the referrer will get the recurring commission.

3) Maximum commission value is fixed at 30%, and this amount will credited to the account, where they can use it on the purchases.

4) The earned amount is usable on the subscription plan by using the credits, and all these are 100% redeemable.

5) Fliki reserves all the rights to modify the refer program services.

Fliki Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppFliki
App LinkHappyeasygo
Fliki Referral Codekashi-ska
Sign up BonusDiscount Code
Referral Bonus30% Commission

How to Get a Signup Bonus:

1) First of all, go to the Fliki website from the given page from the given page or download the app from the Play Store.

2) Then, tap on the above account tab and start doing online registration to open your account.

3) Next, continue with old social accounts like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts.

4) You can continue with the new email address and the strong password for a secure account and better use.

5) Use this Fliki refer and earn code: kashi-ska ( optional).

Fliki Link

6) Afterward, the verification link will sent to the mailbox and open your mail address for this link and verify your Fliki account

7) After the Fliki account is activated, your free trial will also activated, and you will see the two sample videos and open them to customize or create new ones.

8) All the services are activated, and you can use them to make AI videos with different voices and publish them on its social page.

9) The published video will rank up on its page, and then you will get the rewards.

How to Share the Fliki Refer and Earn:

1) Once the Fliki account is set up, you can use it multiple times for your purposes.

2) Then go to the dashboard page and choose the program from the side menu lists.

Flikii Program

3) The next referral page will be opened, and you need to “Join Program” to generate the referral link.

4) Just copy link from clipboard and send it with your friends on different social channels.


Join Fliki to generate AI videos with your creativity and use them in your business.

How much commission did you generate in the Fliki account?

Just write in the numbers and choose free recharge offers.

Fliki Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is Fliki AI platform?

Yes, Fliki is the AI platform, where you can make a video with the different animations.

Can I refer with the Fliki?

You can refer your friends with the Fliki after generating a unique referral link.

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