Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers: Win Amazing Gifts Instantly

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Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce platform where users can buy a product of their choice.

It provides various types of products like mobile, shirt, pants, coat, jacket, and daily life materials.

Furthermore, it brings a quiz and episodes every day like dating Aaj kal, fake or not fake an episode, Daam shi hai, and sach aur jhoot ka samna.

You can win various rewards like super coins, gift vouchers, gems, and expensive rewards (mobile phone, Bluetooth speaker) from the game section.

Have you know that Flipkart’s owner name is Kalyan Krishnamurthy.

Now scroll down and match all the answers with giving questions on your smartphone.

Also, you can play various games like free fall, basket hero, cricket super league, jumpy bird, and many more games.

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers:

1. Win Amazing Gifts Instantly 

Q1) Who is the only Asian player to win a Man of the Match award in a Test at WACA, Perth?

Ans : Irfan Pathan

Q2) Which of these is not a football position?

Ans : Tackle

Q3) While watching what among these would you witness a matador?

Ans : Bullfighting

Q4) Who is the youngest cricketer to lead a side in the Deodhar Trophy?

Ans : Shubman Gill

Q5) How many overs were played in the first-ever ODI match?

Ans : 40

Flipkart Daily Trivia Terms:

1) This contest is accessible only for Indian users.

2) Also, the offer is obtainable only on the Flipkart app, not on the website.

3) The rewards will credit to the member account till the episode ends.

4) Type of episodes is in video format, and each video will play only for 10 seconds.

5) Also, the Flipkart FYI episode answers start at midnight, and it is valid for 24 hrs.

How to Play Flipkart Daily Trivia:

1) Firstly, install the Flipkart app from the Google play store on your digital device.

2) Secondly, make a new account by tapping on the mobile number.

3) After that, enter the given verification code to sign in to your account.

4) Fourthly, click on the video section from the below-given options.

5) Now, you will land on the Flipkart episodes contest on the main page.

6) After that, tap on the play and win section from the given banner page.

7) Now, click on the icon to start a short video and oversee the video carefully for giving correct answers.

8) Now, give all the answers to episodes and win various rewards like gems, super coins.

9) After giving all the episodes answers, open the leaderboard option and check your position.

10) Finally, if you are eligible to win a reward, Flipkart team members contact you through your email.


To play the Flipkart daily trivia quiz answers, visit every day on the Earningkart webpage.

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