Flipkart FYI Answers: Win Vouchers and Super coins

Flipkart FYI Answers: In this post, I will discuss a new Flipkart episodes named FYI (for your information).

After joining the Flipkart platform, you will get the below gains:

  • Win Vouchers and Super coins.
  • Gift vouchers and super coins.
  • Cashback and coupon codes.
  • And more gains.

In fact:

I have got few super coins after winning the contest on the Flipkart platform.

Do you want to earn free gift vouchers and super coins from the Flipkart app?

Let’s get started!

Flipkart is the heart of the Indian e-commerce platform where the users can do online shopping.

The user has to give answers correctly to achieve the first position and to win the Boat Bluetooth headset smartphone.

Boat has become the largest manufacturer in China and has already sold over 2 million smartphones.

However, there are three questions in this episode. Therefore, users have to answer all the questions given.

If you want to try a stroke of luck, then I suggest you try your luck on this game because if your destiny is with you, then you win Boat Bluetooth headset free.

So, never miss this type of opportunity.

Furthermore, if the users create a new account and play Flipkart daily FYI episode, they will stand a chance to win free smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, and many more exciting rewards.

What will the participants get after a wining this contests?

If the participants got the first position, they would get an Boat Bluetooth headset, and in other positions, they will get Flipkart gift vouchers and super coins.

Also check:

Are you excited to play this FYI episode on your smartphone?

Then follow my instructions which are listed below.

Flipkart fyi Answers

Flipkart FYI Answers Today:

1. Win Vouchers and Super coins  

Q1) Who did indian cricketer jasprit bumrah just got married to ?

Ans: Sanjana G

Q2) Which indian cricketer is tappsee panu playing on screen in a upcoming movie

Ans: Mithali Raj

Q3) When was netflix founded ?

Ans: 1997

Flipkart FYI Answers terms:

1) This contest is available only for Indian users.

2) The offer is available only on the Flipkart app, not on website.

3) The rewards will credit to the member account till the episode end.

4) Type of episodes is in video format, and each video will play only for 10 seconds.

5) The Flipkart FYI episodes answers starts at 12 AM, and it is valid for 24 hrs.

How to Win Boat Bluetooth headset:

1) Firstly, download the Flipkart app on your smart device from the Google play store.

2) Secondly, create a new account by entering the mobile number.

3) Thirdly, enter the given OTP (one-time-password) to login to your account.

4) After that, click on the game section from the below-given options.

5) Now, you are on the Flipkart episodes contest homepage.

6) Next, tap on the play and win option from the given banner page.

7) After that, click on the icon to start a short video and watch the video carefully for giving correct answers.

8) Next, you have to given all the episodes answers to win rewards.

9) After completing the episodes, open the leaderboard section and check your ranking.

10) Lastly, if you are eligible to win a reward, then Flipkart team members contact through your email.


To play the Flipkart FYI episodes answers, check EarningKart webpage everyday.

Which reward did you receive from this Flipkart episode?

Lastly, use the comment box to share your views regarding the Boat Bluetooth headset and open these free recharge offers.

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