Flipkart Plus Membership: Get Membership For Free

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Flipkart Plus Membership: In this offer post, I am going to tell you about Flipkart plus membership,

When you use this Flipkart Plus offer then you will get:

  • Free Membership for 3 months.
  • Free & fast shipping.
  • Early access to Flipkart sales.
  • And much more.

In fact:

I already used this offer and received membership from Flipkart for free.

Flipkart Plus Membership Free

Do you want to Flipkart plus membership splendid benefits?

Let’s get started!

Flipkart is one of the eCommerce giants in the shopping market, recently Walmart the offline shopping store chain acquired Flipkart and all its business in India.

To compete with the biggest shopping Giant Amazon, Flipkart is now offering its customers free membership.

However, all the users of Flipkart will not get a membership but, the customer who follows the below-given offer steps will definitely get the plus benefits.

So if you are a Flipkart loyal customer, then read this Flipkart Plus offer till the end.

Also check:

I will tell you all the details including Flipkart terms and conditions which is a must if you want to avail of this offer.

I also provided some steps through which you can understand well what to do in order to avail of this plus offer from Flipkart.

Flipkart Plus Membership

Flipkart Plus Membership Terms:

Get Membership For Free by Playing Quiz:

1) Users will get free membership by playing quiz.

2) The user has to given all the answers correctly in the Quiz.

3) This offer is valid only for select users who see this offer.

4) Users will instantly get the membership in their Flipkart account.

5) The users who didn’t verify their mobile number and email address will not eligible for this offer.

How to Get Membership For Free:

1) First of all Goto the Flipkart website to download the Flipkart app from Google Play Store

2) Then download or register a new account on the Flipkart app or site.

3) Then verify your mobile number with a one-time password and also verify your email address.

4) Now Goto Flipkart app dashboard, there you will find a search option.

5) Click on the search option and then type “Quiz

6) You can also directly go to the Games section > Quiz.

7) Then select the Flipkart membership quiz and then answer two multiple-choice questions.

8) The first answer is 100, the second answer is Flipkart Plus, and the third answer is Rs 200.

9) Now click on submit and then you will get 3 months Flipkart membership for free.

Old Flipkart Plus Membership Offers:

Get Membership For Free by Coins:

1) The Verification may take upto 7 working days to complete.

2) Membership for students will get activated on or before 31st December 2019

3) User Fee Receipt, Library Card, Bonafide certificates are required.

4) User details name, college name should match with the Id Card.

5) Required suitable document for verification of government ID.

After grabbing the Flipkart plus membership offer, do check some free recharge tricks for a discount on your next month’s recharge.

Flipkart Plus Membership FAQ:

What is Flipkart plus?

Flipkart Plus Membership is the same as Amazon Prime membership, In Flipkart Plus membership you will get Free & Fast shipping as well as exclusive rewards.

How to become Flipkart Plus member?

You have to pay some amount to Flipkart in order to enroll for Flipkart plus. But if you are a student then you will get Flipkart Plus for free.

How to join Flipkart plus?

You can join Flipkart plus through Flipkart official app, You can download Flipkart app from Google Play store.

How to get Flipkart plus for free?

Flipkart Plus is free only for Students, if you are a student then you can enroll for Flipkart plus absolutely free.

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