Flipkart Quiz Answers: Win Gift Vouchers, Gems, & Coins

Flipkart Quiz Answers: In this post, I will cover Flipkart’s different contest answers such as the Daily trivia quiz, Kya bolti public, and Fake or Not contest.

When you play these contest on the Flipkart app then you will get:

  • Flipkart Gift vouchers.
  • Flipkart Super coins.
  • Gems for remaining winners.
  • And much more.

Are you excited to know today’s Flipkart quiz answers?

Let’s jump right into it!

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Do you know about the Oyo quiz and Amazon quiz contest?

If your answer is yes, let me tell you that the Flipkart quiz contest is similar to the Amazon and Oyo contest.

When you play the Flipkart contest, you will get various rewards such as Gift vouchers, Gems, and super coins.

You will get these rewards when you give the correct answers in the quiz contest.

And most questions are not easy to answer so that I will sort out all the quiz contest correct answers down below.

When you use the below given correct answers in the Flipkart app, then there are 100% chances that you will win the prize.

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So are you ready to know the Flipkart quiz answers?

Then check out the below-given correct answers and also make sure to check the steps to play the quiz.

flipkart quiz answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today:

1. Flipkart Sirf ek Minute Quiz (31st December)

Q1) Which ‘Cool’ cricketer was the captain of the Indian team that won the 2011 Cricket World Cup?

Ans: MS Dhoni

Q2) The instrument to play which of these sports is called a club?

Ans: Golf

Q3) Which Ranbir Kapoor starrer shares its name with a traditional form of Marathi theatre?

Ans: Tamasha

Q4) The Bandra-Worli Sea Link is a famous bridge over the sea in which city?

Ans: Mumbai

Q5) A pediatrician treats mostly which of these group of people?

Ans: Kids

Q6. Which of these is not an Indian state capital

Ans: Ahmedabad

2. Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Answers (31st December)

Q1) Is the MRP of Samsung Dolby digital Sounbar greater than or less than Rs 12999?

Ans: Greater than 12999

Q2) Which of these products fits under the budget of 150000?

Ans: Cannon eos DSLR camera

Q3) What is the MRP of spring Tek sofa?

Ans: 45999

3. Flipkart Fake or Not Answers (31st December)

Q1) Dum aloo is a delancey from uttar pradesh?


Q2) Azaj patel is the first bowler in the test history to take 10 wickets in an innings

Ans: Fake

Q3) Priyanka Chopra owns a restaurant in new York?

Ans: Not Fake

4. Flipkart Kya Bolti Public (13th November)

Q1 What type of partner do you prefer?

Ans: Intelligent

Q2) Which sport do people prefer to watch?

Ans: Cricket

Q3) Which drink tastes better?

Ans: Cococola

5. Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka (9th September)

Q1) What is this?

Ans: Shahrukh 

Q2) What is this?

Ans: Buddha

Q3) What is this?

Ans: Flipkart

6. Flipkart Crime Stories Answers (25th August)

Q1) What was the cause of the death?

Ans: Cardiac arrest

Q2) Which lead will help solve the case?

Ans: Hospital mortality records

Q3) Who is the killer?

Ans: Ajay

7. Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers (13th August)

Q1) Who is the only Asian player to win a Man of the Match award in a Test at WACA, Perth?

Ans : Irfan Pathan

Q2) Which of these is not a football position?

Ans : Tackle

Q3) While watching what among these would you witness a matador?

Ans : Bullfighting

Q4) Who is the youngest cricketer to lead a side in the Deodhar Trophy?

Ans : Shubman Gill

Q5) How many overs were played in the first-ever ODI match?

Ans : 40

8. Flipkart Aage Kya Answers (30th May)

Q1) What’s next?

Ans: girl hit her head on tv

Q2)  What’s next?

Ans: Boy slides and hit the pole

Q3) What’s next?

Ans: boy hit himself with bat

9. Flipkart Dating Aaj Kal Answers (16th April)

Q1) who will hridya block

Ans: shalab

Q2) what do hridya like more

Ans: going out for parties

Q3) does hridya like dogs

Ans: yes

10. Flipkart FYI Answers (25th April)

Q1) Who did indian cricketer jasprit bumrah just got married to ?

Ans: Sanjana G

Q2) Which indian cricketer is tappsee panu playing on screen in a upcoming movie

Ans: Mithali Raj

Q3) When was netflix founded ?

Ans: 1997

How to Play Today Flipkart Quiz: 

1) Firstly download the Flipkart app from the Offer Page.

2) Now, after downloading the app from the Google play store.

3) After that, open the Flipkart app, click on the create a new account, or log in with your old account.

4) Then Verify your mobile number on the Flipkart app if asked.

5) Then click on the top search bar and then type Game Zone.

6) Or click on the bottom right gamepad icon.

Flipkart Fake or Not

7) Now scroll down and then select any contest and then click on the play button.

8) Then make sure to check the prizes of each contest before participating in it.

9) Now read the above given correct Flipkart quiz answers and then win amazing prizes on the Flipkart app.


To conclude, this is how you can win prizes in the Flipkart quiz,  let me know your queries in the comment section below! I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.

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